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Understanding Blood Cancer and Its Types

Cancer is one such disease hearing the name of which can give you cold sweat. It is not a new disease and is not limited to a region, age or gender. Most of the countries are conducting research on … [Read more...]

Life after Detection – Then and Now

Managing changes that cancer brings The moment the word ‘Cancer’ steps in your life be ready for a whole lot of changes. It is best to approach the disease, the treatment and the consequent changes … [Read more...]

Beet & Cottage Cheese Parantha

Recipes Using Beetroot: Part 2 Beet is an essential part of an anti-cancer diet. It is also considered good for patients who are receiving treatment for cancer (chemotherapy and radiation). Loaded … [Read more...]

Recipes Using BeetRoot: Part I

It is a well known fact that we are what we eat and diet has a major influence in preventing many diseases as well. Infact based on the theme of the website we have prepared and entire ebook which is … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Make It Through Cancer

Just diagnosed or you have been dealing with the disease for some time, we understand that you have a variety of needs. Even though there is a lot of research taking place in various fields with the … [Read more...]