World Cancer Day 2014

4 Feb 2014 is being celebrated as the World Cancer Day. We also would like to join hands with the global community to make our efforts in fighting cancer and helping our brethren and sister across the globe in this fight against this so called dreaded enemy.

We have been contributing in various ways both offline and online. Though our global readers are from all nooks and corners of the globe, our offfline presence has also been marked with events and other activities done by our members starting with Northern part of the Asian subcontinent in a city which is otherwise famous for giving warmth to the world in terms of woolen garments.

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

These are a few lines written to motivate our volunteers, workers and associates in this cause.

This day the warriors of the world unite

To defeat this dreaded enemy and unitedly fight

To support all our brothers and sisters who might be in plight

Till this menace vanishes from the Earth out of sight

It is no easy task and there will be hurdles of all kinds

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There will be confusion, weakness and doubts in all minds

Still the aim is to go on, without losing hope anywhere

For even till the last breath, resurrection can be there

It is our will that will help us most in this journey where life is at stake

The difference between a loser and survivor can that value make

So O’World let us struggle and not worry for our comforts in this battle

Just do whatever is your maximum, lets together prove our mettle

  • meetunayyar-photo
  • meetunayyar
  • A lawyer by profession, social worker and a fighter against cancer