Can Fight Cancer Support Group

I had written about the beginnings of our Cancer Support Group in a previous article, and now would like to continue to talk a bit more the same. Talking about the 4th of February when the group was … [Read more...]

Who Is A Cancer Survivor?

Who is a Cancer Survivor? Cancer survivor is a person who has successfully fought cancer. Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases known to man. Fighting it out does require medication and treatment. … [Read more...]

World Cancer Day 2014

4 Feb 2014 is being celebrated as the World Cancer Day. We also would like to join hands with the global community to make our efforts in fighting cancer and helping our brethren and sister across the … [Read more...]

Cognitive Changes After Cancer Treatment

Many people who have undergone cancer treatment will tell you that they faced cognitive changes. So let us try to find out the neuroscience behind cognitive changes and how to cope with this … [Read more...]

Self Medication In Cancer !!

Self medication is quite a common behavior. It is something that people resort to often. As long as self medication is being resorted to managing small ailments like common cold and a headache it is … [Read more...]