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I had written about the beginnings of our Cancer Support Group in a previous article, and now would like to continue to talk a bit more the same. Talking about the 4th of February when the group was started, I must admit that till I went through the experience of battling the disease myself even I did not know that it was the World Cancer Day. The objective behind observing this day is to raise awareness about the disease and prevention.

The day is celebrated in order to recognize the efforts of all organizations involved in a battle against cancer. Irrespective of the fact that the organization is carrying on efforts at a local level or at international level, the work of all these agencies is directed towards spreading the message.

A New Beginning

It was a memorable day for all members of Can Fight Cancer as we were able to launch a support group for survivors, patients and their families. Treatment for cancer goes much beyond medicine, doctors and infrastructure. It involves the mind and emotions of patients, family and friends involved in taking care of them. The idea behind launching this group is to bridge the gap that exists with respect to emotions and psychological needs of survivors, patients and their families.

Sitting in a circle people drawn from different walks of life, we sat sharing our experience, our ordeal with the disease and finding strength in each other. We acted as inspiration and motivation for each other.

These lines are an ode to Major Soi, a retired Army man and a Freemason who can be described as calm, composed, enthusiastic and an extremely positive person. These lines summarize the overall impact that his presence made on me in the group. Every time I read these I can visualize his saying them to me –

Do not fear the dark for dawn is near

Close your eyes and go back to bed

Take comfort in your scars

For scars on the body only soldiers bear

Do not fear the dark for dawn is near

Thank you to all people who have decided to support us and encourage us in materializing this support group.

There are some suggestions that have always been coming from our medical brethren. Sharing the same –

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Get screening tests, regular check-ups and immunization.

Opt for regular screening tests and check-ups. Do a self exam and do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about anything odd you notice or the tests and immunization

Cancer Support Group

Cancer Support Group

 Don’t use tobacco in any form

Use of tobacco is an invitation for a head on collision with cancer. Smoking, chewing tobacco and even exposure to passive smoking increases risk of a variety of cancers.

 Eat a healthy diet

It is important to eat a healthy diet for a person is made by the food he eats. Make healthy selections with respect to diet to reduce the risk of cancer. Start enjoying a diet based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans with limited intake of fat.  Enjoy alcohol in moderation.

 Watch your weight and opt for an active lifestyle

It is important to maintain a healthy weight to lower your risk of cancer. I remember my oncologist telling me ‘Fat is food for Cancer’. Be regular with exercise to gain multiple health benefits while keeping cancer at bay.

 Make Yourself and others aware

It is not only important to have information but have the correct information. Get proper information from authentic sources. Educate yourself on your vulnerabilities and do perform periodic self checks. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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