Who Is A Cancer Survivor?

Who is a Cancer Survivor? Cancer survivor is a person who has successfully fought cancer. Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases known to man. Fighting it out does require medication and treatment. However, the doctors will tell you that more than medication what it takes to survive cancer is will power and determination to live.

The Will To Survive

There are many who get cancer. Some succumb to it and some fight it out. There have been cases in medical history where people have survived even after doctors gave up all hopes. This can be termed as a miracle and on the other hand you can also treat it has a huge case of human achievement. Some cancer survivors will tell you that they were able to do so as they had great support from friends and family. This is exactly why we must say that the family too can be considered as cancer survivor.

Cancer Survivors

Cancer Survivors

Some consider as cancer to be the end of life. They feel that they cannot survive it. This is not the case. Just check online and you will get thousands of cases of people who have survived the disease and are living happily. Reading their experiences and interacting with these people will help you feel more positive. It will also give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. You will get the determination to fight the disease.

Challenge Or Life Changing Experience

Many cancer survivors say that it was a life changing experience for them. It helped them to improve as a person and allowed them to appreciate the value of life. This is similar to what a person who survived near to death experience feels. Surviving cancer is more of non medical points that help people to survive cancer are more than the medical points. We cannot name some specific people who have survived cancer as there are so many of them. Each story of cancer survival is unique and special so there is no point listing some.

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The topic is a debatable one. Some people believe that it is the medicines that make cancer survival possible. Some on the other hand argue that if same medicines are given to people how it is possible that some recover faster and also live a better life. Some on the other hand succumb too. The psychologists say that those who have a stronger will power and want to survive at any cost will mostly be able to survive cancer easily. On the other hand people who give up easily will not be able to survive the cancer. Even the cancer treatment is painful. It has a lot of side effects that can be very agonising. It can only be possible for those to survive it that have a strong reason to live. The physical challenges of cancer are easier to beat compared to the mental and emotional challenges.

Points To Remember

Some points that the cancer survivors commonly suggest to those suffering from cancer are as follows:

  1. Try to be happy from within. Do not lose hope. Find a reason to smile.
  2. It is important to be positive if you want to survive cancer.
  3. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and fill you with positive energies. This is indispensible to treat cancer.
  4. Ensure that you rest well and do things that make you happy. Distract your mind from your pain and this will help you to relax better.
  5. Get a pet as they help a lot in surviving cancer.
  6. Do not take mental and physical stress as much as possible.
  7. Try to develop a hobby that will keep you occupied and relax you.
  8. Do not look at the impossibilities of dealing with cancer, look at the possibilities. Check examples of other who have survived the disease.
  9. The family members of the cancer patient must also be cooperative with the patient and help them live a better and a happy life. If they make the patient happy they will recover faster.
  10. Some cancer survivors say that they thought of to do list of all that they wanted to do in their life. This helped them to survive the pain and gave them hope.
  11. Try to learn yoga if possible. This can be very effective in relaxing the mind and making the body stronger. However, it must be done only after the doctor permits.
  12. Try to stay away from people who talk negative and who make you sad or angry. Negative feelings can be very bad in cancer and reduce the chances of survival considerably.
  13. Read stories and experiences of cancer survivors so that you can get inspired and motivated.
  14. The cancer patient must be difficult to handle for the family members. They must be patient and always cooperate with the patient. It is better to be always present around the patient. This makes them feel cared for and increases their will to live on.

You Can Be A Survivor

No matter how serious your cancer is. Anyone can survive cancer. All that you need to do is follow the points that we have mentioned above. These will make you feel much better and happy. These are points that are commonly shared by cancer survivors. Who is a Cancer Survivor? Is a question that we have tried to answer in this article of ours. We hope that this article will aspire many cancer survivors to fight the disease and live a happy and prosperous life.

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