Support For Batkid: Leukemia Survivor Is San Francisco SuperHero

Fighting against cancer and surviving against such odds as the disease presents is a heroic act in itself and especially if the survivor is  young kid, it makes it all the more adorable. After all childhood is meant to play and have fun and not to face life threatening situations such as leukemia. Yet there are some brave heroes who are chosen by destiny to undergo such moments and one of them is a five year boy named Miles Scott who is a leukemia survivor.

Wish Comes True For Miles

Like any other child of his age, Miles had a wish to become a superhero and one of his favourites was none other than the famous “Batman”. So an organization in the United States namely “Make A Wish Foundation” actually decided to secretly turn his wish into a reality by giving him the experience of being a superhero in the little avatar of his very own icon, and he was made to act “Batkid” and the entire city of San Francisco joined selflessly to make the wish of the young hero as true.


Miles Scott

Logic Behind Moral Support

Will power is half the battle against any odds in life and if you have the determination, the circumstances do not matter and this is all the more important in situations like cancer where a person has to battle against the drastic physical effects and deep mental and emotional disturbances.

Of course the will power is a faculty of the mind and is directly related to the internal strength which comes from the own true self of the person, and everyone has it in equal measure inside the depths of the subconscious and the super-conscious levels.

Yet not every has the ability to draw that will power from within and it requires a lot of practice and an knowledge of the metaphysical aspects and techniques like meditation to connect within, so for the rest of us, moral support and encouragement from external sources plays a vital role in how we deal with situations in life.

Of course children have a pure mind and the level of positivity, internal strength and faith of a child are far more superior than so called mature and learned adults, and their mind is very receptive and absorbing so even a slight encouragement and upliftment goes a long way to make them stronger. This the main logic behind the act mentioned in this true story which might seem like an exaggerated game to few people.

The San Francisco Gotham City

Miles Scott was not told before hand what plans the city had made and he was only brought to the place saying that the Make A Wish Foundation wants to buy a Batkid costume for the kid so he was being called to the city. Of course the Badkid costume was duly bought and the only difference was that as the costume was wore by the boy, things began to take shape and the local Police Chief called him on the megaphone for help in fighting crime and helping the authorities.

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The public fully supported the campaign and people gathered in thousands to support this noble cause and the young child perhaps will never forget this experience throughout his lifetime. He was diagnosed with leukemia since he was just 2 years old and has been battling bravely with the support of his family and now at the age of 5, he has been able to leave the disease behind and is in remission.

Few Scenes From the Event

Batmobile Vehicle

Batmobile Vehicle


Key Handing Over

Key Handing Over


Criminal Arrested

Criminal Arrested


CanFightCancer wishes good luck to this brave boy and we are sure he will have a long healthy life and we sincerely appreciate the spirit of San Francisco for such a selfless effort for a young child, who was not only a hero of the day but is also a real life hero by having defeated leukemia at such a young age.

News & Images Courtesy: The Independent, UK

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