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Jen Lang: The Brave Fighter

Jen, 35 years old, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She told in an interview to NBC News that the knowledge that she only had a short time period to survive motivated her to "focus on … [Read more...]

Blood Sugar Patients and Cancer

The link between diabetes and heightened risk of some cancers is under research. In addition to this a major issue at hand with the patients and physicians is care of cancer patients who have … [Read more...]

Self Medication In Cancer !!

Self medication is quite a common behavior. It is something that people resort to often. As long as self medication is being resorted to managing small ailments like common cold and a headache it is … [Read more...]

Preventing Infections During Treatment

Cancer treatments can at times lead to infections. This can only add on to the pain that the patient is already suffering from. We will now discuss in details how the doctors and the family members … [Read more...]

Best Cancer Care Places In South India

Cancer is one of those diseases that require specialized treatment. Deciding on the doctor and the treatment facility can be a tough decision. There are numerous cancer care centers in the country but … [Read more...]