Kidney Cancer: Prevention

Cancer affecting the kidneys is termed as kidney cancer. As discussed in earlier articles on overview, risk factors and causes, symptoms, screening and diagnosis, there are no known causes of kidney cancer. A major issue with kidney cancer is that even if the causes are identified it is too early to say if this specific type of cancer can be prevented. In this article we discuss a few tips that can help reduce the risk of cancer.

The incidence of kidney cancer is on the rise with every passing year. What makes dealing with kidney cancer tough is the fact that there are no known or clearly identified causes of the same. This also makes identifying specific tips for prevention of kidney cancer a difficult issue. Yet there are certain factors that can be taken care of for reducing the risk of kidney cancer.

There are certain factors that can be taken control of to prevent occurrence of kidney cancer. Preventive factors are more related to lifestyle.

  •  Watch and maintain your blood pressure
Kidney Cancer Prevention

Monitor BP Regularly

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a factor associated with kidney cancer. It is important that blood pressure be controlled and maintained through diet control and regular exercise. It is important to consult a physician and not resort to self medication when it comes to blood pressure.

  • Watch and maintain your weight
Avoid Obesity

Avoid Obesity

Obesity has also been linked with the occurrence of kidney cancer. The best way to watch and maintain weight is to opt for a healthy diet and physical activity. It is best to opt for foods that provide lean proteins and ample fiber.

  • Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals
Avoid Asbestos

Avoid Asbestos

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It is important that one avoid exposure to toxic chemicals at workplace. Exposure to chemicals like asbestos, cadmium and organic solvents to specify a few can make one vulnerable to kidney cancer. It is important to be aware and undertake corrective and preventive measures for avoiding exposure to such chemicals.

  • Analyze your family history

In case a close family member is diagnosed with kidney cancer, it is recommended that one discuss it with a doctor at the earliest possible opportunity. In such a case a person may be put on diagnostic tests.

  • Quit tobacco

Last but not the least quit tobacco in all forms. Smoking and chewing of tobacco increases the risk of developing kidney cancer. It is best not to indulge in such behavior and if one is habitual it is recommended that one quit tobacco without any delay. Quitting tobacco can be tough but yes there is professional help available these days. It is best to discuss this with your doctor.


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