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Understanding Chemotherapy

It is not only important to understand your disease but it is equally important to understand the line of treatment. Chemotherapy is one line of treatment that is offered for cancer. The moment one … [Read more...]

Preventing Cancer of the Cervix

We have already taken a look at what is cervical cancer and how it is caused. The next question that we need to answer is that can it be prevented? In the article Cervical Cancer – Overview we … [Read more...]

Cervical Cancer – Risk Factors and Causes

A risk factor is something that increases the chances of a person to get a certain disease. When we talk about risk factors and causes of cervical cancer, an attempt is being made to identify the risk … [Read more...]

Cervical Cancer – Overview

Cancer that starts in the tissue of the cervix is termed as cervix cancer. Cervix is the organ that connects the uterus with the vagina. A cancer that grows slowly and does not have much symptoms can … [Read more...]