Preventing Cancer of the Cervix

We have already taken a look at what is cervical cancer and how it is caused. The next question that we need to answer is that can it be prevented? In the article Cervical Cancer – Overview we discussed that the most common type of cervical cancer passes through a stage where precancerous cells transform to cancerous cells.

Detecting pre-cancerous cells before they become cancers and preventing pre-cancerous cells are the two ways that this particular cancer can be prevented. The article discusses few of the measures that can be taken for preventing occurrence of cervical cancer in detail.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer amongst women. In India, it is the most common cancer related to women closely followed by breast cancer. It is important to be aware of the risk factors in order to be able to prevent a certain type of cancer. We have already discussed the risk factors and causes of cervical cancer.

Early Detection

Early detection is well proven method in the case of cervical cancer. Screening tests allow pre cancerous cells to be identified before they transform to cancerous. To tests that are recommended for detecting pre-cancerous cells are the Pap Test and the Human Papilloma Virus Test. If pre-cancerous cells are detected, the same can be treated and cervical cancer can be stopped.

In the Pap Test cells are collected from the cervix of the lady for examination under the microscope. The same sample can also be examined for HPV examination. The tests can safely be conducted at a gap of 3 to 5 years in women. The tests are recommended for women above 21 years of age and below 65.

In addition to the above there are certain lifestyle measures that can help reduce the chances of cervical cancer. The same are discussed below in detail.

Smoking: If you are a chain smoker then please quit it. Smoking is the biggest cause of this cancer among the women. If you had a long history of smoking you stand a higher chance of getting this cancer. Smoking increases the chance of cervical cancer by almost five times.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking

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Sexual Life: There are multiple practices concerning sexual life that go a long way in reducing the chances of cervical cancer.

  • Use of condoms: If condoms are used during sex then there is a high chance of avoiding the cancer of the cervix. The cancer can be spread by the human genitals. This is exactly why protected sex can be a great way to avoid this cancer.
  • Avoiding multiple sex partners: The fact is that more sexual partners you have the higher will be your chance to get this cancer. Try to ensure that you limit the number of sexual partners in your life. This will ensure that you do not get the cancer easily.Core Values
  • Avoiding a partner who has multiple sex partners: There is a possibility that your partner has sex with other women as a result you may get infected too. As cervical cancer spreads through the genitals. You must ensure that your partner is also faithful to you as you are to him. Else you may get the cancer easily.avoid-multiple-sex-partners
  • Delaying the age of starting sex: The latest study shows that women who started to have sex really early in life have a good chance of getting the cancer of the cervix. This is exactly why you should ensure that you involve in sex at least from eighteen years. Earlier than this age can cause a lot many health related complications.

Misc Points To Be Taken Care Of:

Try to check for the early symptoms of the cervical cancer. Any unusual bleeding or discharge from the vagina must not be ignored. Meet your doctors at the earliest and get yourself treated. Sometimes you may experience a pain in the pelvic region soon after sex. This too can be an indicator of the cancer in the cervix.

There are vaccines available for preventing cervical cancer. This can be given to women who are less than twenty six years of age. It is important that these vaccines be only got after conducting a medical professional.

Some women believe that if they are too old to have a baby and sex then they do not need to check themselves for this. You can get the cancer of the cervix even at a later stage in life. This is because the cells slowly turn into cancer cells. The process may take years.

If you had a hysterectomy done then you may not get the cancer of the cervix. This is possible only when the cervix was removed too. If the removal was done due to cancer then you must continue to do the tests.

Preventing Cancer of the cervix is simple with the points that we have mentioned above. Ensure that you follow them regularly and get the best of your health. This will help you to prevent the cancer well and also ensure that you are absolutely healthy. Do discuss about it with your friends and family. Discussion can give you more knowledge about the problem. Women must ensure that they do treat this seriously.

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