Screening Tests for Common Cancers

Cancer is one of the most researched diseases in the world today. Researchers from different fields are trying to create drugs and treatments that can cure this highly dreaded disease. Another round of efforts is concentrated on devising cancer screening tests and techniques that can prove helpful in early detection. The article is by way of a summary for screening techniques that can play an instrumental role in early detection. 

Cancer is such a disease that can step in a person’s life at any age. Thanks to technology the cancer can be detected and cured. Techniques have been devised for early detection of cancers in order to increase survival chances of a person detected with cancer.

The cancer screening tests discussed in the article are broad tests that are recommended fordownload screening of specific cancers. If the disease is detected in the initial stages itself the cure of cancer becomes much easier. Cancer is curable just that it must be detected at an early stage. The later it is detected the more complicated the treatment gets. Let us start by understanding what is screening?

What is screening?

Cancer screening is the act of conducting tests in order to observe for early signs of a disease amongst people who do not show any symptoms. When it comes to breast cancer one third of the cases are detected through screening. It is important to remember that in the case cancer early detection improves the chances of surviving it. When detected early it reduces chances of a complete breast removal (mastectomy) or/and chemotherapy.

Let us look at some of the basic screening tests for common cancers.

Breast cancer is unwarranted growth of cancerous cells in the breast.If youimages (9) find sudden changes in your breast or a lump on any part of your breast you must immediately contact a doctor. It is after examination that the doctor will decide if you need further screening tests. Mammogram and Breast MRI are the two tests that can be performed for breast cancer screening.

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  •  Cervical Cancer

This is becoming quite common among women. If you can feel that there are some strange developments or bleeding from the vagina. You must immediately contact your doctor. They will arrange a PAP test for you. PAP test is done by taking samples from the vagina. This can show the traces of cancer cells. We recommend that you get a PAP test done at least once a year.

  •  Colon and Rectal Cancer

Another common type of cancer is the colon & rectal cancer. This form of cancer tends to be more common amongst men than women.  When you feel any uneasiness or pain you must report the same to the doctor. A screening of the colon and rectal area is done. This screening can reveal cancer cells. Most of the time small polyps occur in these areas that pain a lot and can be cancerous.

  •  Lung Cancer

Many people across the world die of lung cancer. If you feel a chest pain or you start getting a bad cough. You must visit your doctor. The doctor will tell you to go for a chest x-ray or a CT scan of the chest. These tests can easily detect the first traces of lung cancer. If you are a heavy smoker you must get these tests done every six months.

 Cancer is spreading fast. There is a large amount of work going on in the direction of devising new treatments, preventive measures and new screening techniques. Cancer is a disease that comes with a lot of baggage. The above discussed tests can help one avoid all that baggage. As they say,

A stitch in time can save (ninety) nine!!

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