CFC Remembers The Warrior On Her Birthday

On this day Can Fight Cancer remembers her warrior who fought till her last breath and breathed life into the CFC society with her actions, deeds and willpower

Today as we remember the warrior once again

It gives us immense strength with a tinge of pain

It would be better if her human form was around

Yet her soul presence is just enough and profound

To remind us not only about cancer fighting goal

But to remember what potential has our own soul

We can use our inner strength to survive any odds

For it our own self is enough, dont need any Gods

When one depends on the self, the universe conspires

Sooner or later you can achieve your goals and desires

It might seem that she did not win but it is not true

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For we have to see beyond death through and through

Soul has eternal journey body even otherwise has to end

There is no one immortal in body sense remember O friend

Goal is not to be immortal but live like a king in all fights

For one who can do so an only reach true genuine heights

If we an even imbibe a fraction of her qualities and valour

Our life would be really like a blockbuster superhit trailor

Let us remember the ever present soul on this special day

That her soul might guide us in the most holy mystic way

NB: here is an extract from CFC President on Meetu Nayyar