Cancer Is Curable

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases. For centuries doctors and scientists could not even understand how it occurs. However, with the help of modern technology as lot of progress has been made in this field. There was a time when a person suffering from cancer would definitely die. However, this is not the case anymore. Cancer is curable. We in this article will discuss more about the fact that cancer is curable.



Well any form of cancer is curable depending on the stage the cancer is in. If you are in the first stage of cancer then with medication and a little care it can be cured. Sometimes cancer may return back. If the cancer was detected a little late then the chance of survival may become less.

Though the exact answer is not so simple. There are patients who survive even the last stages of cancer. There are patients who give up in the earlier stages of cancer. There are many reasons that can change the chances of curing cancer. The reasons can be anything like age, other health issues and also lifestyle. If the immunity of the body is low then cancer can spread more easily. This is exactly why curing old people of cancer is a challenge. Even kids who suffer from cancer stand a low chance of survival.

The doctors say that the will power of the patient is also vital in cure of cancer. The disease and the treatment take a toll on the health of the person. This is exactly why some lose the will to live. On the other hand when there is a person who has a severe cancer but has very high will power. Such people stand higher chances of survival. The doctors say that awareness about cancer is very less among people. This is exactly why they don’t understand the early symptoms of the disease. Most of the cases reach the doctors after the first stage has already gone. The doctors say that everyone must read about cancer. They must visit the doctors from time to time and get themselves tested.

If you had cancer once and it was cured. You must ensure that you keep getting yourself tested every year. This is because cancer can occur again. If the cancer is detected on time then about eighty per cent of cancer can be cured. Some have the view that cancer can be vaccinated. Well this is rather impossible. The cancer is not caused by a germ this is why it cannot be vaccinated. The doctors cannot do anything to ensure that you never get cancer. Neither there are medicines that can stop it from coming back. It is not a hereditary disease. It is also not a disease that can spread by touching. The disease can happen to anyone and at any time.

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Although we say that cancer is curable. There are few types of cancers that are still not curable. One such is the pancreatic cancer. Even blood cancer in some cases can be fatal. This is because the disease has spread so much that the doctors cannot do much to help the patient. Radiation is also used to fight cancer cells.  The treatment of cancer is expensive. This is one reason why many people opt not to take treatment.

If you notice a lump or a small tumour in many part of the body you must contact the doctor immediately. If a single part of the body is affected then the cancerous tumour can be removed by operation. When many parts of the body are affected by cancer then chemotherapy is used. The cancer cells can spread very fast. Cancer is curable. You must not worry. All that you need to do is contact the doctor on time.

To reduce the chances of getting cancer one must eat leafy vegetables, you must live a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking and tobacco. Drinking can also be a reason to get cancer. The doctors also advise to avoid red meat as much as possible. Some yoga can also help in curing cancer. Thanks to so much discussion on cancer. It has caused a lot of awareness among people. They have started to get themselves checked on regular basis. This is exactly why the possibility to treat most of the cancer has become easier.

Cancer is curable thanks to the research that scientists all over the world have been doing for so many years. We hope that the research continues and in the recent future we come across better ways of dealing with cancer. If you are suffering from this disease or you know someone who is suffering. Then be rest assured that cancer is curable. All that you must know is that you must visit the doctor regularly and follow the medication.

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