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Dating Someone With Cancer

We try to cover almost all the problems that can be associated with cancer in our articles. In this article will try to discuss about dating someone with cancer. We hope that this will help you to … [Read more...]

What Are The Different Types Of Cancer?

As discussed in an earlier article Cancer is an umbrella term that is used to refer to diseases as a result of which the abnormal cells in a body divide and invade other tissues. The term includes … [Read more...]

Is Cancer Mentioned in Sushruta’s Book?

Sushrutha regarded as ‘ the Father of Plastic Surgery’ all over the world performed complex surgeries much before Hippocrates, Celsius and Galen even made a mark on the scene. His … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Doctor and Right Treatment Facility

One of the most difficult times in life could be when you are to start with treatment for cancer. It is an important decision for your life depends on it making it essential that you find the right … [Read more...]

Self Checks for Cancer

Being aware of one's body is essential to ensure a healthy life. Self checks or self examination as it is also known can help in early detection of cancer and increases the chances of survival. The … [Read more...]