Dating Someone With Cancer

downloadWe try to cover almost all the problems that can be associated with cancer in our articles. In this article will try to discuss about dating someone with cancer. We hope that this will help you to deal with a partner who is suffering from cancer.

The Cancer Effect (Zodiac)

Before going into the details, as a matter of coincidence, cancerians make a very romantic person as the star sign Cancer is associated with a kind hearted, romantic and sensitive personality. Yet you could experience the same romance even if your partner is related to cancer in physiological way rather than in terms of a zodiac sign.

It is possible that suddenly out of the blue, your partner tells you that he or she has cancer. It is a common scenario and can happen to anyone for cancer does not take in to consideration the age or future plans of a person.

A Tough Time

There are many couples out there who are dealing with a situation like this and definitely it is not an easy situation. You cannot leave someone who has cancer can you? You cannot because you love him or her. Love is beyond logic. This is exactly why you will definitely be there for your partner. But the other aspect is that should you be allowing yourself to go through such an emotional turmoil?

Cancer is an unpredictable disease, while extremely bad cases may happily walk the path of recovery, others who may be considered curable may not give the expected results. Whether you want to continue with relationship or call it quits is a personal decision.

The first thing that you need to do is evaluate your self . You need to evaluate how strong is your attachment towards your partner. You need to analyze how would you respond in the worst of situations. Self evaluation may lead you to realize that you a very strong attachment with the person or you are not sure of your feelings for this person. It could also be possible that you feel that you may be unable to handle an eventuality.

This Is The Real Time To Stick Together

If you are a person who thinks it is awful to leave a person when they are grossly ill, then probably you are a person who would decide to continue with the relationship. Even if you do not have exceptionally strong feelings for your partner, it may be worth continuing with the relationship irrespective of how good or bad the situation is.

Be prepared to stick with your partner even in bad times and depending on the illness of your partner, you may also be required to be prepared for any eventuality. It is not easy to take care of your loved one’s who are taking steps towards their end. It will be tough and really tough but do not hesitate to continue in a relationship.

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In case you are not sure of the intensity of your feelings towards your partner, then once again it is better to stay in the relationship rather than call it quits. In such a situation, a suggestion that we can give is to take on the role of a good friend rather than looking forward to a romance. You can continue to be around your partner without being under a pressure to be constantly with your partner.

Take time to evaluate your feelings and understand how much do you want to commit in this relationship. Once you have evaluated your feelings and are well aware of them, communicate them to your partner irrespective of the fact what they are. Even if you decide to call it quits, it is important to communicate.

“just remember, how would you feel if you suffered from such a condition and your partner left you, when you needed him/her the most”

What would be your partners reaction?

In case your decision is not to continue in the relationship and you have just been a few weeks in the relationship, your partner would probably understand your stance. I am sure even your partner would not like you to commit to  a relationship unless you want to. If you have been in a relationship for long, you might have to face a multitude of emotions, the most obvious being anger. A shallow commitment will anger anyone.

Just remember –

First, cancer is unpredictable, this means that your partner can recover with the right treatment.

Second, your partner did not opt for the disease and the problems associated with it.

Third, take it just as any other phase of life, it comes and goes, after all what is life worth except for the strong emotional bonds that tie us all, we are humans not dead chemical material (I didnt use the word animals, as most authors do, as animals are far more dedicated)

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