Self Checks for Cancer

Being aware of one’s body is essential to ensure a healthy life. Self checks or self examination as it is also known can help in early detection of cancer and increases the chances of survival. The techniques that can be adopted for a self examination vary from body part to body part.

Self examination is all about self awareness. It is about being aware of one’s body and the changes that it may experience. Being aware of one’s body is essential to ensure a healthy life. in the case of cancer self checks or self examination acquire importance for it is  a well known fact that early detection increases the chances of survival. The techniques that can be adopted for a self examination vary from body part to body part.

In this article we discuss about self examination techniques in general that can be undertaken at home. The detailed steps for different types of cancers will be dealt in detail in separate articles. We hope that this article will help you.

These are simple checks that anyone can do at home. It is no way being suggested that these symptoms definitely mean cancer. These are just to be treated as an indication where you require a medical examination.

1) When it comes to women, there is a rising concern about breast cancer.  If you see that there is a lump on any one of your breasts it is time to pay a visit to your physician. The lump may or may not be painful. However, you must consult the doctor to ensure if it is cancer. This becomes more important if you have a history of cancer in your family.

2) In case of any vaginal bleeding other than during the periods, ensure that you pay a visit to the doctor without any delay.  Any bleeding other than menstrual is not normal and the doctor must be consulted. The doctor would subject you to some basic tests to rule out cervical cancer. Similarly if there is a thick fluid coming out of the cervix it can be a matter of concern.

3) Any sudden changes in the color of the skin is a matter of concern.  If you see some spots on your skin, new moles then you must consult a doctor. The mole may or may not bleed or itch but it calls for cancer to be rules out.  Cancer of the skin is very common now days and many people across the world are getting the same. You must not ignore these or visit a beauty parlor for treatment.

4) When it comes to men testicular cancer is a rising matter of concern.  Any enlargement in the testicles. Any pain in the testicles can be an indicator of the fact that you need to go for medical advice. One of the testicles reducing in size or a lump formation could indicate that you need to take care of yourself and schedule an appointment with the doctor.

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5) The next in the list that we are going to discuss is colon cancer. The most common symptoms of it are blood in the stool. You can pick up test tissue and drop it onto the stool. If the tissue becomes blue green in color you can be assured that there is blood in the stool. Sometime the blood is not visible this is why this test becomes all the more important.

6) Hearing problems, diminishing vision, vomiting feeling  and nausea all may point towards something wrong with the area above the neck. If you have sudden occurrence of these symptoms ensure that you consult the doctor.

7) A lump in the mouth may indicate towards oral cancer. The feeling is like something is caught in the throat and can be very irritating. Smoking and chewing tobacco increases the chances of oral cancer. Any tumour on any part of the body can be a cancerous one.

8) Thyroid cancer is another cancer that is becoming increasingly common. Self examination for this type of cancer, requires one to stand in front of the mirror and swallow water. Huge enlargement just below the Adam’s apple indicates that an examination by a medically qualified professional is a required.

9) Checks for prostate cancer can also be done at home.  All that needs to do be  done is insert your hand into the rectum. A soft prostate means all is well but a hard one means that you need to get in touch with a doctor.  When you do this test wash your hands and wear gloves.

 We hope that these simple tips on self examination for cancer will help you to detect the disease better. Early detection can be very useful in treatment of the disease. The doctors also say that if the disease is detected in the first stage treatment of the disease becomes much easier. Please remember, these symptoms don’t always mean that you have cancer. It can be some other problem too.