Coping Up With Prostrate Cancer

images (16)We have already discussed some aspects related to Cancer of the Prostate. Now it’s time to move on other aspects related to this form of cancer. Let’s get down to coping with prostate cancer. The diagnosis of cancer will never come alone. It will come with a multitude of emotions and thoughts ranging from disbelief, anger to depression and anxiety. The stress levels are going to be high. 

Easier said than done the sooner the facts are accepted the better it is for everyone. Let us discuss a few steps that can help one cope better with prostate cancer.

Equip yourself with information

The first thing that one needs to do is to acquire complete information about prostate cancer and your specific condition. This will help you to understand what you can expect from the Prostrate Cancer and how you can go dealing with the same.

Get in touch with your physician and treating doctors and ask questions. Discuss your apprehensions, fears and doubts with them. Do not nurture negative emotions rather counter them with information about your specific case.  In case you opt for reading ask your doctor to recommend the right reading material.

It is better to read from reliable and authentic sources of information related to cancer, than to just pick and read anything from anywhere, as wrong knowledge is even worse than not knowing in such a situation.

You are not alone

images (15)Man is born free yet everywhere he is in “social” chains, said a renowned philosopher. Yet nowhere does this axiom seem in a more positive light than such situations.

Do not attempt to fight the disease alone. Discuss your medical condition with your close family and friends.  It is a tough time and they are there to support you. There presence around you at home and in the hospital will make you feel better, loved and cared for.

Do not hesitate in discussing your apprehensions and doubts. Surround yourself with people who make you positive and happy. Laugh and socialize. Try to ensure that you do not keep thinking about cancer all the time as it is not going to help.

Prepare for treatment

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It is important to start preparing for the treatment.  The disease and the treatment is sure to have physical, psychological, social and economic impacts on your life and your family. The treatment tends to extend over months again making it difficult. It is best to approach the treatment in a planned manner. Do a resource analysis in terms of people and finances. You might need to make adjustments with respect to your work schedule.

Get it in touch with other patients and survivors. For they will be able to tell you better what to expect as a result of the disease and treatment. They are the people who will understand your pain in a better  manner. They are people who have been through the stations that you are to visit.

Take care of yourself

Remember cancer is just a word and do not let it become anything more than that. Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to speed up recovery. Feel positive and remain motivated. Make sure to take your medicine on time, be there for checkups and tests. Sleep well and stay happy.

Do not forget to express yourself

download (4)Last but not the least do not hesitate from expressing yourself. Erectile dysfunction may bother you but do not let it overpower you. Hugging, cuddling, holding hands, caressing are all expressions and indulge in them.

Intimacy Issues

Intimacy Issues

Spend time with your partner. Continuing to express oneself will reduce the depression that you may feel. Infact we also have a specific detailed article dealing with the sensitive yet important aspect of sexual and intimacy issues in cancer patients

Follow the above suggestions

We hope that you liked this article on coping up with Prostrate Cancer and found it interesting. Do keep these simple points of Coping up with Prostrate Cancer in mind and it will help you to deal with the Prostrate Cancer even better.

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  • Dr Randall Bock (MD) is the owner of Medical Treatment Center of Revere and has spent years helping patients overcome additions and in detoxification thus serving a great social cause as well.