Prostrate Cancer – Risk Factors

Prostrate Cancer AwarenessWe have already discussed a few aspects related to prostate cancer. We have made an attempt to understand prostate cancer, nutrition related with prostate cancer and how to cope up with prostate cancer. in this article we look at some risk factors that make a person vulnerable to cancer of the prostate. Prostrate Cancer is a common cancer that is spreading very fast across the world. It is important to understand the risk factors associated with Prostrate Cancer. There has been a lot of research with respect to risk factors associated with prostate cancer though nothing can be said conclusively. Prostate Cancer may also develop in cases where none of the below mentioned risk factors are present.

As September comes to a close, and the prostrate cancer awareness month comes to a close, let us ensure that the awareness does not wane but it increases with time. We do have specific months allocated to raising awareness but it has to be done constantly at the subtle levels

Risk Factors – Prostate Cancer

Some of the risk factors that can be associated with cancer of the prostate are –

  • Gender

Prostrate Cancer develops in males only. This is for the simple reason that the prostate gland is present in males only. 

  • Age

The second risk factor that is associated with the Prostrate Cancer is that of age. As a male becomes older his chances of developing Prostrate Cancer increases. However, there can be exceptions both ways. Prostrate Cancer can occur at an early age too while an aged male show no signs of this type of cancer. The average age of developing the Prostrate Cancer would be forty five to fifty five.

  • Race and Ethnicity

Another risk factor that is associated with prostate cancer is race and ethnicity. It is more commonly observed  in African-American men. The Prostrate Cancer is less in Asian men. The reason why Prostrate Cancer depends on ethnicity is not quite clear.

  • Nationality

Prostate cancer has also been associated with nationality. Men who belong to North America, Europe, Australia and Caribbean islands stand a higher chance of developing the Prostrate Cancer. Men who belong to Asia and Africa show less probability of developing the Prostrate Cancer. An interesting study proves that Asian men living in Unites States show higher chances of developing Prostrate Cancer compared to men living in Asia. The reason for these differences is not quite clear though. This indicates that maybe lifestyle has an important role to play in the spreading of the Prostrate Cancer.

  • Family History

Some families have a history of Prostate Cancer. This proves that genes may have the ability to carry the Prostrate Cancer from one generation to the other. If you had an uncle or a father who suffered from Prostate Cancer your chances of developing the disease will definitely increase. In this case you must opt for regular screening. This factor can also lead to Prostrate Cancer at a young age.

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Some scientists say that they have located genes that can be considered responsible for the cause of Prostate Cancer. Research is still being conducted on this point.

  • Obesity

Obesity ControlObesity is a cause of many types of cancer including prostate cancer.  Men who are obese have higher chances of developing the Prostrate Cancer. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight.

  • Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices like smoking and sexual activity can also lead to prostate cancer. While smoking has been established. Men who have been chain smokers at any point of time in their lives stand a higher chance ofTobacco developing the Prostrate Cancer. Nothing can be said definitely about sexually transmitted infections leading to Prostrate Cancer. Men who are known to consume a lot of red meat and high fat diary products have a high risk of developing prostate cancer.

Understanding the risk factors is important for it helps understand the importance of regular screening. Early detection improves the chances of treating the disease and recovery.


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