World Cancer Day 4 Feb 2015

Can Fight Cancer celebrates the World Cancer Day 2015 in a spirit of fearlessness, bravery and optimism. A few lines dedicated to the brave survivors, patients and their families….

The life of a patient or a survivor is so full of energy

With individual efforts combined, it generates such synergy

Even the worst of scenarios just seem to be at ease

All the worries and cares just seem to cease

For the Divine Will can overcome any condition how bad

It is always joyous in that domain, no sorrow never sad

For one who lives in the true spirit, in the present always

Never regrets the past, nor does count the number of days

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Such are the survivors, the soldiers who beat the night

Come out victors, no matter how long or ugly the fight

For smiles await the ones who do not give up or despair

For such qualities are exhibited only in a few rare

So why are you sad, no one is immortal on this Earth

There are always different struggles, for anyone taking birth

You are the chosen ones, the fortunate messengers of health

For if you live your best, that is your greatest wealth

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