The Little Angel Warrior

We adore cuties like Hannah Lacey, a four years old cancer survivor from New Zealand having undergone an ordeal for past 3 years now on the road to recovery. We wish her success with a sweet poem contributed by a family member, so here you go Hannah baby.

Hannah Lacey

Hannah Lacey

Like any other child I was born as a dream

As beautiful as snow white and beaming a smiley stream

My parents were so happy to have me around

With so much happiness in me that they found

Even I was lucky to be born and raised in a family so loving Divine

I always thought I am the luckiest with no one as fortunate as mine

But this happiness was soon to fade

I never heard of cancer but knew it was a mendacious jade

For this only comes silently to overpower your life

To put you and your family in troubles and strife

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Yet with the power of angels from where I came

I thought to fight so that my story is not the same

Never would I give up the gift of life, more precious than gold

Never would I drop my zest for life, never would my hopes be sold

I fought for years and finally cancer said it accepts defeat

Though it came with vengeance but finally had to retreat

I am young, but God helped me to be a warrior even such young

So that I don’t go away but remain for years with all of you and among

I thank everyone and the Almighty for giving me strength to fight

That I will win the battle of life, I don’t have the hesitation even slight