Dr S.K. Joshi – The Benevolent & Brave Survivor Passes Away

Can Fight Cancer pays its condolences to the bereaved family of Dr S.K. Joshi (Joshi Nursing Home, Agar Nagar, Ludhiana). Apart from a long career as a heart specialist he was a survivor of throat cancer and continued to serve humanity despite his own health. He left for his heavenly abode yesterday.

We wish such souls incarnate on this earth frequently so that the sufferings and painĀ of the needy are lessened.

Dr Joshi was also a supporter of the fight against cancer.

A few lines in his honour

We all live for our own self, family and all we know

Yet a few souls in the scorching desert like cool snow

Caring for everyone around, so gentle and so pure

You can count on them in every situation for sure

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Such souls normally have a short life, even heavens need them soon

It is only for a limited time, humanity has such a boon

They pass on to the next journey, all of a sudden they depart

Yet even when are in another dimension, the memories arent apart

The only message that one needs to learn from this all

Those who live for others, truly are humans and stand tall