Appeal For Help: Krishna @ CMC

If you want to see what is courage just see these eyes

Which are full of life and in which hope never dies

Even the deadliest enemy of man couldnt dampen his spirit to live

We can only salute such a soul and whatever humble gift we could give

It is a great challenge to undergo such tribulations at this age

For such circumstances could move even an unattached sage

Perhaps there is some good in whatever he has to bear

For there is no remorse in his eyes, neither any stupid fear

Let us learn from this kid how to live our life

Be happy always no matter what troubles or strife

For if you want for situation to perfect to smile

If you do not enjoy the journey of life every mile

Then you are losing out on something very vital and pure

Even as he is joyous while waiting for the uncertain cure

The smile of his face reminds of the Krishna with flute divine

What is there to worry or fear, O Lord when you are mine

Master Krishna is a 9 year old boy who was diagnosed to have Ewing’s sarcoma of the left femur (a type of bone tumour) in November 2013. He hails from a village near Patna in Bihar but has been staying in New Shivpuri, Ludhiana with his maternal grandparents for the past 6 years.

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His father is bedridden due to tuberculosis. He is being cared and supported by his grandfather who owns a wayside tea shop and his uncle who works in hosiery factories making winter garments and roughly earns about 5000 per month during the season (Jun – Nov).

Krishna has a curable cancer and his treatment will need expertise of various specialties primarily including medical oncology, radiation oncology, orthopaedics and physical medicine and rehabilitation. His treatment will include long course of chemotherapy for approx. 1 year, radiotherapy and surgery. He has been on a plaster cast (extending from chest down to knees) to immobilize his legs since November 2013.

Krishna at CMC

Krishna at CMC


He has been started on multi-agent chemotherapy since Dec’13 and has currently completed 8 weeks of the induction phase of his treatment. He has also needed blood transfusions to maintain his haemoglobin during his treatment.

He is showing tremendous courage in dealing with his treatment. He will always greet you with a smile and other than noticeable hair loss one may not be able to judge that he is going through treatment with heavy duty cancer drugs.

His treatment has just begun and there is still a lot to be done to make sure that we overcome his cancer and also more importantly rehabilitate this child and family so that he is not a burden on the society after fighting his illness.

Smiling Krishna

Smiling Krishna

As he is confined to the bed, he keeps himself busy during the daytime with some games or reading books. He is keen to study further once his treatment is completed. The aim of our treatment is to cure this 9 year old boy and also salvage his limb.

The citizens of Ludhiana and well wishers from other parts of India and abroad have shown their generosity once again by providing funds to help this family in the time of crisis. Without the help from the society it would have been very difficult to continue his treatment which will be spanned over a year and has already exhausted approx. 1.5 lakhs so far.

It is our request to one and all to contribute any amount for this noble cause which can be directly deposited into his account at CMC Ludhiana. Payment can be directly made to CMC Ludhiana by following the procedure:

• In case of Cash – Deposit at the cashier in the hospital and mention that the payment is for docket number C7483485.
• In case of Cheque – It will be drawn in favour of CMC Ludhiana Society, mentioning the docket number C7483485.

In case of any queries, please contact

Ms. Richa
Reception Day Care Centre, Ground Floor
Phone No. 91-161-2229011-21 (4627)

We thank you for considering helping us and this young boy.

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  • meetunayyar
  • A lawyer by profession, social worker and a fighter against cancer