The Power Of Can

Dear all, this story is not about naming the survivor or anything person about him or her but just to show to everyone that it is possible to fight so called incurable diseases and if you have the proper medical help, moral support and above all a determination to win, you can fight cancer – that is the Power Of Can.

Fight Cancer

Fight Cancer

Once upon a time there was a girl so sweet

She would just be on FB and many times a day tweet

Life was just like heaven for she never had anything lack

What she was her parents provided, never was any slack

Then one day she found a growth in her body she did not care

Yet it was her mother who insisted for a doc, when one day she saw her bare

Tests were done and it was revealed that she had starting phase of cancer indeed

She needed to be treated fast else the growth could certainly catch up speed

It was then that the girl realized what actually had gone wrong

Yet she knew no point being weak, she indeed had to be strong

Off she went for the lands so remote even anyone could be afraid

She just enjoyed life as it came and helped her parents in their trade

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Yet she always took care to eat the medicines dot on time

It was the only way to ensure, she enjoyed most of her life prime

Today she is fully well and recovered and goes to school with her friend

May life has been a bit harsh but she has adjusted to the trend

Each year she gets tests done and never does she ever skip

Her parents also take her each year to a lovely touring foreign trip

Let us all hope that whoever suffers from cancer does recover this way

Happiness comes to their lives, that is all that we each must Pray

For brave are such souls who fight with this enemy and each time they win

They never give up hope or faith, neither does their face loses its grin

Hats off to the such courage and to small kids who teach lessons big

We are just a small branch of the world tree, and just a tiny little twig


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