Blood Cancer Symptoms

Blood cancer is a type of cancer which affects the circulatory system. The blood flow and the bone marrow is the worst affected by this disease. There are many forms of blood cancer namely lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia. All these are curable with medication and care. We are now going to discuss the symptoms of common blood cancer.

Some very common symptoms are weakness, breathlessness and fatigue. A small jump or a minimum stress leading to fracture can be a symptom too. Another common symptom that people ignore is bleeding gum204724,1317586586,6 and nose. You might get fevers quite often that can be a good indicator of this disease too showing that your immunity is reducing.

Sometimes you may lose weight drastically without putting much effort. This is not a good sign at all and you must consult a doctor immediately. Anorexia and a continuous vomiting sensation can also be a good indication of a cancer in the body. Lymph node that is a gland if expands then do get yourself checked. Back pain and bone pain for no reason can also be a good indicator that something is not well. Sudden occurrence of a dark spot and rash can also be a sign of alarm.

It has been noted that some people also suffer from severe headache and find it difficult to see at times. Difficulty in urination and reduced urine can also be a very important indicator. These signs can be for any of the three types of blood cancer that we have mentioned. Of all the three leukemia is the most commonly found blood cancer of all. Everyday a lot of people die of cancer. Mainly because the disease is not detected at all, or it is detected so late that it cannot be cured. Well all the points listed above might not happen at the same time. Any one of these if noted then you must definitely get yourself diagnosed.

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We are not telling that you will have cancer if you have a bleeding gum or a paining back. All that we are saying is do keep these points in mind and don’t treat them lightly. Its always better to be safe than sorry. Well these are the common symptoms of blood cancer. If you have any of these then you must not take it lightly. Do get a health check up done to be rest assured. Cancer can happen to anyone anytime, irrespective of age and background.

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