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Battle for Tobacco Control – India (Part 3)

In this article an attempt has been made to discuss the rules framed under Tobacco Control Legislation Act of 2003. It discusses in detail what is a public place, specific rules relating to … [Read more...]

Battle for Tobacco Control – India (Part 2)

We have already discussed the journey of India where it had a pro tobacco stance to an anti tobacco stance. It requires a lot determination and grit to ignore the economic benefits of tobacco and take … [Read more...]

Battle for Tobacco Control – India (Part 1)

The Journey from Pro Tobacco to Anti Tobacco Just a few years back, it would not have been even possible to think of efforts to control tobacco in India, for the country has been the second largest … [Read more...]

Men’s Health Awareness

This year June 15th is going to be celebrated as Father’s Day the world over and rightfully so the month of June is celebrated as Men’s Health Awareness Month.  There could not be a better time of the … [Read more...]

Weight, Obesity and Cancer

We have discussed time and again that weight; obesity and Cancer are all interrelated. In this article we will discuss in more details how. When a person gets obese there are lot health complications … [Read more...]