Oral Cancer: Overview

Oral Cancer as the name suggests is the cancer of the mouth. This particular type of cancer can develop in any part of the mouth namely – the tongue, under the tongue, gums, palate, skin lining of the mouth or the lips. Most of the oral cancers start from the tongue and the palate. Each year several thousand patients are detected with oral cancer all over the world, hence it is important to  go to a dentist regularly and that would also ensure that any such symptoms get noticed immediately at the beginning stages itself.

download (1)Cancer cells may spread from the original site to the other parts like the neck and the lungs. If the new tumor has the same cells as the original it is considered oral cancer and not lung cancer. New tumor is termed as distant or metastatic cancer.

As we have already discussed cancer is growth of abnormal cells. While in some cases it may not be clear why cancer may develop there are certain factors that may lead to development of cancerous growth in the mouth.

Some of the things which should get you worried are as follows

  • images (2)Have you developed patches inside your mouth, normally red or white coloured ones?
  • Have your teeth suddenly become loose while they were healthy earlier?
  • Is there any sore inside the mouth which may or may not be bleeding?
  • Have you suddenly started to experience any difficulty in eating or swallowing food or liquids?
  • Have you been experience constant pain in your ears?
  • Have your dentures become out of size suddenly?

If you have any of the above symptoms, please visit a dentist as soon as possible. Of course you can also go to any other physician like an ENT specialist as well. The main purpose is to get it checked as soon as possible.

Reasons for oral cancer

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Of course ideally the reasons for oral cancer should be taken note of from the very beginning so that one can avoid those reasons and avoid any possibility of developing such a condition. Some of the major reasons for oral cancer include

  • Tobacco consumption in any form is the gravest reason for oral cancer. It could be in the form of cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco etc etc
  • After that comes the dragon of alcohol, which as usual is the reason for many ills.
  • Lack of proper diet have sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables could be cause as well
  • Age, which is a natural factor and cannot be controlled but as age progresses one should be more careful about above factors
  • Some people might get over exposed to UV rays either due to their nature of work or simply for cosmetic reasons like tanning and this could also lead to oral cancer apart from other types such as skin cancer and so forth

Cure of Oral Cancer

There is nothing like prevention but in case a person has not been lucky enough, there is no need to worry for cure is duly available for the same. Treatment is carried out from case to case basis and no general statements can be made. It is important to start treatment with a good doctor and a good hospital. It is equally important that treatment be started as early as possible.

So take care to avoid all the reasons listed above and being a dentist my first and foremost advice would be – just visit anyone of our community at least once or twice a year even if everything seems normal

Keep Smiling