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Mesothelioma Cancer, Claims & Compensation

Cancer is a common disease that has affected millions across the world. A lot of research is going on to find treatments of cancer. We in this article will discuss one topic which is¬†indirectly … [Read more...]

Kidney Cancer – Overview

Overview As it is more than clear from the name kidney cancer starts in the kidneys. In this article we discuss the functions of the kidneys and the different types of cancers that can inflict this … [Read more...]

Fashion, Style, Mastectomy, Breast Prosthesis!!

Treatment for breast cancer often leads to removal of tissue from the breast area. This may lead to scarring, change in the breast size and even torso asymmetry. Altered body image may be a cause of … [Read more...]

Kidney Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a disease that can happen in any part of the body. We have already discussed that cancer may also develop in the kidneys. Early cancer in the kidneys may not exhibit any signs or symptoms. … [Read more...]

Anti Tobacco Campaign

Ludhiana, the city named after the Lodhi dynasty has always been known for its progressive and go getter attitude. The citizens of the area are continuously working to make the city a better place. … [Read more...]