Oral Cancer – Risk Factors and Causes

Doctors are always not able to explain why cancerous cells may be found in a person and not in others. Cancer is not a contagious disease meaning it does not spread from one person to another. Research has indicated that certain risk factors may increase a person’s chance of developing oral cancer.

It is never harmful to know about the risk factors and causes of a disease and especially if it something like cancer in which early detection improves chances of survival to a great extent. Oral cancer has more to do with our lifestyles than anything else. Let us read about the risk factors and causes in order to be better prepared to deal with it.

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Some of these risk factors are:

  • images (5)Tobacco: Tobacco is considered to be a major cause of oral cancer. Tobacco consumed in any form is dangerous, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chewing snuffing. The incidence of risk is higher in heavy smokers who have been using tobacco for a long time. The risk further increases when tobacco is combined with alcohol.  Quitting of tobacco can decrease the risks associated with oral cancer.
  • Alcohol: People who drink alcohol are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer as compared to people who do not drink. The risk multiplies with increased quantities of alcohol. As mentioned above when use of alcohol and tobacco is combined the chances are the highest.
  • Exposure to sun: Exposure to sun can also increase the chances of a person developing oral cancer. It is recommended that a lip balm with a sun screen be used. A hat can also be worn for protection from the sun.
  • Personal history: People who have had cancer in the neck and the head are vulnerable to oral cancer.
  • Human papilloma virus: This is a common virus that lead to cancer of the mouth.

images (6) In case one feels that he or she is at a risk of acquiring mouth cancer, the matter should be duly discussed with a doctor or a dentist. It is best to schedule checkups. In case of tobacco and alcohol consumption the medical team will recommend not to use tobacco and limit the use of alcohol.

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