Beetroot Pancakes

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We have another interesting and a nutritious recipe from our friend Harshrekha. The recipe can not only work well for a cancer patient but also for others. Suits the weather these days, children love the color while the grownups will love it for hardly any sweetener has been used!!

From here on it is what Harsh has sent to us.

Hello again,

Beet Pancake on a SkilletWe have started with the month of Sawan or Shravan (as per our Hindu calendar). Without going into the religious significance of the month, it is a month that is marked by the smell of fresh rain drops on the sand and a cool breeze. Festivals falling in this month and the pujas that are conducted all over the country make the month all the more special. Bollywood has always nourished the zest that we attach with the month.

Can we have a celebration without good food?

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Absolutely not!!

One of the most famous dish that is enjoyed in this season is ‘Purras’ with ‘Kheer’. Purras are a variety of pancakes  and kheer a rice pudding. We would not be discussing the Kheer but we would definitely discuss a variation of our traditional purra. Breakfast, tiffin or evening tea, it makes a yummy and a nutritious option. The weather justifies relishing them all the more. Rest assured, you try them once and they are there to stay in your kitchen. Enjoy the unbeatable beet!!


  1. Whole wheat Flour : 1 cup
  2. Beetroot: 2 small pieces (pealed and grated)
  3. Egg: 1 (optional)
  4. Milk/Orange/Apple Juice: 1 ¼ cup
  5. Oil
  6. Honey
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Butter
  9. Baking Powder: 1 (level teaspoon)
  10. Salt: a pinch

 The Procedure:

The process of making a beet purra or beet pancake is absolutely simple. It is to be made just the way we make a purra or a besan chilla. You would need a nonstick frying (flat) pan and a ladle for cooking. Please note the steps.

  • In case you are adding an egg, the first step is to beat it till it is frothy.
  • To the whole wheat flour add the baking powder, salt and some cinnamon. Mix it thoroughly.
  • Use the apple juice to make a batter of the whole wheat flour. Mix the batter well. Add the  beetroot to the batter . If need be add some more apple juice as we need the mixture to be of dropping consistency.
  • Place the flat non-stick frying pan on the flame and spray some oil for frying.
  • Place a spoonful of the batter on the pan and allow it to spread.
  • Bubbles will start to form in the pancake and that is the time to flip it.
  • Do not press the pancake for the fluffier and lighter it is the better.
  • Before serving you can just spread some butter and honey on the pink pancake or sprinkle some grated cottage cheese and honey or some sprinkle some sugar powder.

Interesting fillings can also be folded into the pancake once bringing it down from the flame. Cutting the pancakes into different shapes can make them more attractive for children. I took the recipe from the following link It was customized as per the taste of my family. Young children love the color, while the grownups are happy for it is only natural sugar that is being used.

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