5 Tips To Make It Through Cancer

Just diagnosed or you have been dealing with the disease for some time, we understand that you have a variety of needs. Even though there is a lot of research taking place in various fields with the objective of offering better  treatment and improving the quality of life of patients, still there is a gap between what is provided and what is required. Much depends on the patient how he approaches his self, the disease, the treatment and the environment around him. In this article we discuss 5 main tips that can help you deal better.

Dont Quit

Firstly you must understand that the ultimate battle is not between the serums, antiserums, virus and the antivirus but the real battle is within your mind, between hope, faith, will to survive and dejection, frustration and accepting defeat. This might not seem very much of a practical thought but I can tell you from experience that there is nothing closer to the truth.

Survivor 2

Hearing the word ‘cancer’ for yourself or someone you are close to will change the course of life to a great extent. How this challenge while charting the path is crucial for the patient and the people around him, the quality of experience and life in general. Let us try and work out five tips for working around the situation.

Tip 1: Remember: Cancer is Curable

The first of the 5 top tips for cancer patients is that cancer is curable. It is not that you will definitely die if you have cancer. You have to have a positive outlook about cancer. There are millions out there who have survived then why not you. Find a strong reason to live. It can be your family or a mission that you feel strongly about. This can go a long way in curing the disease. You must read books and stories of those who have survived this disease. Even the doctors believe that those with a better mental strength can survive cancer better. You can also meet people who have survived cancer to feel stronger. You can try yoga, aromatherapy, and acupressure to relax your body and mind.

Tip 2: Take Care and Love Yourself

Do you remember the L’Oreal punch line, ‘cause you’re worth it’? Yes, you are worth all the care and love. Fall in love with life, do things that you like to do and meet people who matter to you. In case you are a caregiver, let the patient know them how much you love them and how much you care for them. You can arrange for special parties and dinners for the cancer patient. This will make them feel cared for. Love and affection can be very healing in cancer. The disease and the treatment are painful as a result those suffering feel that they cannot survive. However, if you are caring and understanding the pain can reduce a lot.

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Tip 3: Prepare 

The next tip in the 5 top tips for cancer patients and caregivers is to prepare for the treatment. The disease and the treatment is sure to have physical, psychological, social and economic impacts on your life and your family. The treatment tends to extend over months again making it difficult. It is best to approach the treatment in a planned manner. Do a resource analysis in terms of people and finances. You might need to make adjustments with respect to your work schedule.

 Tip 4: Follow your Doctor’s advice

It is important that cancer patients take good care of themselves. This is only possible if you heed to the advice of your doctors. Do exactly what the doctor tells you. You must ensure that you keep reminders on your next appointment. Eat the food that the doctor has advised you. The medicines must be taken on time.

If you take good care you will recover faster. If you have been recommended physical activity, indulge in light exercises. You must not stress yourself. Practice a hobby. Listen to some music. Infact do something extra, for example if you can afford it, perhaps go on a short cruise trip. Give your body all the rest that it requires. You can also write a dairy on your experience. You must keep all your reports in one file.

Tip 5: Follow up

The next and the last tip is to follow up with your doctor. There is a possibility that cancer may reoccur and this is why you need to be going for regular check-ups. This will ensure that the disease does not come back. It will also ensure that if it is occurring again it can be treated at an early stage itself. This tip is the most important of all the tips.

Undoubtedly, the journey is tough, but it is only as tough as you will make it for yourself. Follow the tips given above and ensure that you can deal with the disease better. Always be positive, have confidence in God and you will emerge bigger than the disease.

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