Communicating With Your Care Team

Despite the best medical facilities and expertise available in good hospitals, there is something which cannot be traded off for anything and that is good communication. Communication in healthcare is of vital importance especially when the treatment concerns some major condition like cancer.

Communication In Healthcare

Communication In Healthcare

So when you are planning to get a treatment done you must that you communicate with your care team. A clear communication between you and your healthcare team will ensure that you recover much faster.

Importance of Communication in Healthcare

There are some points that you must keep in mind before you select a care team:

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  1. You must be comfortable with the care team to discuss all your concerns.
  2. If you are not happy with the way the care team is handling the case you must communicate with the doctor.
  3. You must check if the care team is well qualified and trained to handle the situation.
  4. You must also check if the care team is equipped to deal with the situation.
  5. If required check out few hospitals and care teams before you decide which is the team that you are going to select for your treatment?
  6.  You must know that a good care team can ensure that you recover faster and you are back to your normal life at the earliest.
  7. You can also use word of mouth before you select the care team. Do read the reviews and decide if you are satisfied with the care team.
  8. The care team must be positive and they should be caring. If they do not have positive vibes your treatment can become more agonizing.

Now we will move on to what are the things that you must clearly communicate with the healthcare team before you start the cancer treatment:

  1. If you have any allergy or any other physical problems then do consult your care team so that they can take the precautions accordingly.
  2. Communicate clearly with the care team and ask them all the queries and doubts that you have about the treatment that you are about to take. This will remove all your doubts and queries.

    Seeing vs Talking

    Seeing vs Talking

  3. Understand the process that the care team is about to follow clearly. Enquire about the side effects of the treatment. Also discuss clearly how long you will take to recover. Discuss any specific needs that you want the care team to take care of when you are under treatment.
  4. Find out the type of assistance that the care team can provide you. Also ask how long you may need to stay in the hospital for the treatment.
  5. You must ensure that you are comfortable with the care team. If you are not then it will only increase the time you take to recover from the treatment. A good and healthy relationship can make the treatment and the recovery a much faster and a smoother process.
  6. If during the treatment if you feel any discomfort or pain you must report the same to the care team. This will ensure that they can take all the steps required to make you feel comfortable.
  7. The care team will tell you the points that you need to keep in mind during the treatment. If you have any doubts then you must get it clarified at the earliest. This will ensure that you do not face many issues during the treatment.
  8. The cancer treatment can be painful and also have several side effects. This can be very depressing and irritating. If you are better prepared for the mental and physical changes you will be able to deal with the situation even better. It will also help you to recover at a faster rate.
  9. You must ensure that you communicate clearly with the care team. A slight miscommunication can be dangerous in cancer treatment. Try to keep the relationship as friendly as possible. Avoid losing your temper or misbehaving with the team. This can only make the experience worse. Remember that only when you cooperate with the care team will they be able to help you the best.
  10. You must understand clearly the instructions that you need to follow once you are discharged. The side effects of cancer treatment can stay for a longer time and it can also make you physically weak. This is exactly why you must know all the things that you need to follow even after you are discharged.

We hope that these points on importance of communication in healthcare in general and cancer treatment in particular will help you to select a good and well equipped care team for you. This will also help you to recover faster. If you get a good and understanding care team then your chances of recovery only improves greatly.

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