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Cancer of the Colon and Rectum: Diagnosis

If the symptoms or the screening tests indicate towards colorectal cancer, a person may be subject to some additional tests. These tests may be confirmed in order to diagnose and stage cancer. In this … [Read more...]

Cancer of the Colon and Rectum – Overview

The colon and the rectum form a part of the digestive system. When cancer affects this specific area of the digestive system it is termed as colorectal cancer. Also termed as ‘Bowel Cancer’ it affects … [Read more...]

Who Is A Cancer Survivor?

Who is a Cancer Survivor? Cancer survivor is a person who has successfully fought cancer. Cancer is one of the dreaded diseases known to man. Fighting it out does require medication and treatment. … [Read more...]

Cancer Family Support Group Initiative By CFC

Working on the models of cancer family support groups mostly found in the western world, CFC  recently formed such a support group to help cancer patients. This article lists the experience of one of … [Read more...]

World Cancer Day 2014

4 Feb 2014 is being celebrated as the World Cancer Day. We also would like to join hands with the global community to make our efforts in fighting cancer and helping our brethren and sister across the … [Read more...]