Cruciferous Vegetables And Cancer Prevention

A lot of study has been made all over the world in the recent years to find means that can help to fight cancer. Latest study proves that the cruciferous vegetables and cancer prevention go hand in hand.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables & Cancer Prevention

Let us first understand what exactly the cruciferous vegetables are. These are vegetables that belong to the brassica genus of part of the plants. Some of the common cruciferous vegetables are Arugula, bok choy, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, wasabi, radish, broccoli, etc.

The cruciferous vegetables contain a good amount of iron, minerals, vitamins and a chemical called glucosinolates. The glucosinolates has the unique ability to break down into compounds that can be strong anti cancer elements. These compounds were tested in animals and have shown anti cancer ability. This is exactly why it can be said for sure that glucosinolates can definitely help to deal with cancer better.

We recommend that all our readers should try to increase their intake of glucosinolates by increasing the consumption of cruciferous vegetables. cruciferous vegetables are the most natural source of getting the glucosinolates. This will help you to protect yourself and your family from cancer and also from many other diseases. It is best to have these vegetables boiled and with as less spice as possible.

The glucosinolates are rich in sulphur. This is exactly why these vegetables have a bitter flavour and a pungent aroma. When you chew these vegetables the glucosinolates break down into compounds like indoles, nitriles, sulphophane, etc. These biological compounds can fight cancer very well. Most of the cancer drugs too.

They help in prevention of DNA damage. These compounds can inactivate the cancer cells. These have antiviral and anti bacterial effects in the body too. Some of these compounds may prevent formation of inflammation in various parts of the body.

When we look at humans we will see that cancer can be of many types. Some can be treated easily and some may not be curable at all. The studies all over the world prove that the intake of Cruciferous vegetables can control some of the cancers very well. These include prostate cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer.

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The studies are on to check how effective regular intake of Cruciferous vegetables can be on the other types of cancer. The latest findings also state that the Cruciferous vegetables can help fight cervical cancer too. We will have to wait for further research to confirm the results. At this point of time we can only wait and watch.

We can only hope that looking at the way Cruciferous vegetables breaks down into anti cancer components it might be that the same can prove useful in many other types of cancer too. There is definitely no harm in increasing the intake of the Cruciferous vegetables.

The experts say that Cruciferous vegetables can help to prevent cancer and delay the spread of the same into the other parts of the body. However, there are many other factors that also influence the spread of cancer and that include metabolism, genetic background and the lifestyle of the person concerned. Depending on these the effect of the Cruciferous vegetables also changes.

So now you have got one more reason to increase your intake of Cruciferous vegetables. If you have a history of cancer in the family and if you have ever lived a life where you were directly or indirectly exposed to the cancer causing elements then it becomes all the more essential that you increase the content of Cruciferous vegetables in your regular diet. The earlier you start including these in your food the better will be the results for you.

Some people may ask how much Cruciferous vegetables should be considered ideal to prevent cancer. Well the answer is that try to take at least few servings of the Cruciferous vegetables a week.

The fresh the vegetable is the better will be the results. We hope that this article on Cruciferous vegetables and cancer prevention will help you to live a better and a healthy life that is free from cancer.

No matter at which part of the world you are in the regular intake of Cruciferous vegetables can considerably reduce the risk of cancer for you and your family. The way cancer is spreading we have to find some good ways to fight the same. The Cruciferous vegetables seem to be a good solution to the problem of cancer.

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