Coping Up With Fatigue After Treatment

Generally speaking cancer treatment is followed by a constant sense of fatigue and tiredness. Coping up with fatigue after treatment is possible if you follow the simple tips that we are about to discuss how in this article.

Effects of Cancer Treatment: Fatigue etc

When you are taking cancer treatments no matter which form of treatment it is you will soon realize that you feel a sense of lethargy. You have a constant feeling that you do not have the energy that you had before. Some people may also feel that the cancer treatment went wrong or it did not give the results that you were looking at. It is true that cancer fatigue is a reality.

However, you must not forget that if you are exhausting yourself a lot you will definitely feel tired. The cancer medicines are a little strong. This is exactly why they make people feel tired. It is nothing to worry about.


Few Simple Tips

There are some simple things that you can do in order to ensure t hat you can deal with this fatigue better.

First point you must know is that fatigue is common to all those who are taking cancer treatments. It does not change with age and physical strength of the person.

The doctor will advise you what you need to follow in order to reduce the fatigue of cancer treatment. If you still feel excessively tired then maybe you need to meet the doctor and get yourself checked.

It is true that this sense of fatigue will constantly remind you of cancer and the pain that you went through. However, you must ensure that you try to distract your mind and do things that make you happy.

Focus your mind on something different and on something that has got nothing to do with cancer. This will definitely make you feel better and also help you to deal with the disease and the fatigue it causes.

Do not do any activity that is too stressful for you. Relax as soon as you feel that you are extremely tired and you cannot just do it anymore. Sit breath in and out for ten to fifteen times till you feel a little better. If possible lie down. It might be depressing but try to look at the positive aspects too. You will realise that as the treatment slowly reduces the side effects of fatigue will vanish too.

What we want to mean here is that the fatigue that occurs in cancer treatment is a temporary affect. It will cease as soon as you are done with the treatment. So just be strong and patient for a short time. A little patience will help you to recover much faster.

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Another tip that you can follow for coping up with fatigue after treatment is make a routine. List down all those activities that are a priority and has to be completed first. Ensure that you do these first when you have more energy and slowly move on to the activities of least importance.

Ensure that you are getting the rest that is required. When you have a routine in place you can plan all your work and your rest too. This will help you to deal with your day better and it will make you feel less tired too. This will also reduce your frustration. Spend some time of the day in meditation and yoga. These activities can make you feel even better and stronger.

Like all treatment and diseases have side effects fatigue is a part and parcel of cancer treatment. That does not mean you stop getting yourself treated. You can also discuss about the cancer fatigue with others.

The cancer survivors will be able to guide you on how exactly you can deal with the cancer fatigue better. When you are mentally prepared for the cancer fatigue you are in a much better position to deal with the problem. Awareness makes you stronger and prepares you. This will also ensure that you are not taken by surprise when you feel fatigue all of a sudden.

Ensure that you do not do any activity that can increase the fatigue this includes smoking, drinking, coffee should be avoided, etc. Do not indulge in any non value added activity this will only take away your energy and not help you much. You must sleep for eight hours in the night.

In the day you can sleep for two to three hours. When you rest ensure that you are completely relaxed and happy. A good diet can help you a lot to fight the cancer fatigue. Ensure that you eat well and you eat healthy.

The family members of the cancer patient must be aware of the cancer fatigue. They must take extra care of the patient. The patient must never be left alone. Help should be available as soon as the patient needs so.

It is not a bad idea to get a pet as they are very sensitive and can be a great help in cancer. Put chairs around the house so that the patient can sit whenever he or she wants to.

There should be a chair provided in the bathroom for the patient to take shower so that he or she can sit down in emergency. The patient must be given a good stick to walk around.

Even if the patient does not feel the need the fatigue attack can happen any time. The visitors should not be allowed to meet the patient quite often. Too much of talking and interaction can only add on to the fatigue.

Cancer treatment will cause fatigue. There is no way that we can control the same. However, with a little care and caution the effects of cancer fatigue can be reduced considerably. Coping up with fatigue after treatment is possible just that you have to be aware of how to deal with the same.

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