Ebook Anti Cancer Diet Pack (by Meetu Nayyar) Available For Sale

We have been reading articles about anti cancer diet and also have seen how diet plays an increasingly important role in prevention as well as cure of all types. And we have read several recipes such as beet root cake, beet root dahi etc but let us now take a step further.

We have been talking about a book Anti Cancer Diet Pack which was under preparation but today is the occasion to launch it. It has been kept at a very nominal price of USD 0.99 which is less than a dollar and also half of the proceeds of the sales would be forwarded to charity.

The book at available at our estore via the link below. Anyone of you who has difficulty in purchasing and downloading from there please let us know through the contact us form and we can sort it out

You can check out a book review at the video given on the side bar of our website and also it must be stated that it is a must read book for everyone.

Click Here To Purchase & Download the Ebook

Highlights of the book

Foreword by Geeta Pahwa

B.Sc. (H.Sc.) B.Ed, M.Ed PGD (Nutrition and Dietetics) PGD (Naturopathy)

“The work provides valuable information in regard to the effects of Diet on the health of such patients. The value of nutrition may decrease the handicaps of disease & lengthen the lives. ”

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Review By Dr Randall Bock (USA)

“A simple yet effective document and easy to read for even a layman”


Review By Dr Rajesh Tekchandani (Medical Officer)

“This book is a boon for anyone going through this condition”