It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn

A contribution from one of our associates for everyone of you out there who are either having a loved one with this condition or any other ailment which is possibly life threatening, this gives a beautiful message of just fighting against it and never giving up. Portrayed beautifully in words by the author

Title: It Is Always Darkest Before The Dawn


Life is beautiful but sometimes it takes your test

You need to hold on and just do your best

When the body seems to have fallen prey

When it seems all blues and the sky seems grey

Neither of the words seem to give you solace

And nothing seems to be in the right place

When the body gets weak and doesn’t seem to have grace

When the dear ones so loved, don’t even come to embrace

When clouds of doubt cover you deep

Even a single ray of light cannot peep

At such times just remember there is something within

Which neither any disease can touch neither can penetrate even your skin

That part of the universal element needs to be awakened

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That’s the only hope when your very existence is threatened

Just be your own light as Buddha said to all

Just get up on your own every time you fall

You can defeat it, if you just be fearless and brave

And have the fighting spirit and to live you have extreme crave

Not for your own self but for those who care

Just go ahead and fight it, just dare

Even if you fail or succeed, let the Almighty decide

But if you don’t give up, you will have reasons for pride

Remember no matter what, do no dismay and let not hope be gone

For just remember, it is always darkest before the dawn

It is always darkest before the dawn


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