Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Are You Aware?

The month of September is celebrated as prostrate, ovarian and childhood cancer awareness month. In this article we attempt to learn a little more about prostate cancer. One of the most common types of cancer that afflicts men, the symptoms develops slowly.

What is prostate?

The prostate is a small gland that is found in the pelvis region of men. It is located between the penis and the bladder and surrounds the urethra. Urethra is the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the penis.  The primary job of the prostate is to help produce the semen. It produces a thick white fluid that is mixed with the sperm in order to create semen.


The Prostrate

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What is prostate cancer?

As the name suggests cancer that develops in the prostate is termed as prostate cancer. It usually occurs in older men. The symptoms usually develop slowly. Certain types of prostate cancer may grow slowly and may require no or minimum treatment while others may be aggressive and spread quite quickly. When prostate cancer remains confined to the gland itself it is considered to have been detected early and as in the case of most cancers early detection improves chances of treatment being successful.

Some of the symptoms that are associated with prostate cancer are an increased urge to urinate, feeling strain at the time of urinating and feeling that you have not been able to empty the bladder fully. In case a person is complaining of these it does not necessarily mean that they have prostate cancer for it could also be a case of benign prostatic hyperplasia commonly known as prostate enlargement.  It is best to consult a doctor when the above mentioned or any such symptoms are observed.

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What causes prostate cancer?

The causes of prostate cancer are not clearly known. There are a number of factors that are considered to be increasing the risk of developing the cancer. Regular exercise and controlled diet can help lower the risk of prostate cancer. Some of the causes that may increase the risk of the cancer are:

  • Age: As a man grows in age, his chances of getting prostate cancer increase.
  • Ethnic Descent: The cancer type is more common in men of African-Caribbean and African descent in comparison to men from Central Asia and Central America.
  • Family History: A close relative (brother, father or uncle) who has had prostate cancer increases the risk of developing it.
  • Obesity

Treatment of Prostate Cancer

As discussed above treatments for prostate cancer vary from case to case. In some cases immediate treatment may not be required and a policy of active monitoring may be adopted. Prostate cancers detected early can be cured. The cancer may be removed surgically, the area may be subject to radiotherapy and the patient may be put on hormone therapy. Depending on case to case the line of treatment may decide on either or all of the treatments. Cancers detected later on may be difficult to treat. Some of the side effects of treatment are erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

The Prostate Cancer is common and it is spreading. However, this awareness will help you to live a much better life.

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