How To Avoid Getting Cancer In The First Place

QuoteAs we have already discussed that there is no definite cause that can be said to lead to cancer. It is a disease in which the cells of the body do not adhere to the norm and rather start to behave in an erratic manner. There is no one fix solution available for reducing one’s susceptibility to the disease but yes there are some lifestyle changes that you can introduce in order to reduce the risk.

These lifestyle changes will not only help you avoid cancer, but will also go a long way in promoting your general health and well being.

1. Reduce stress in your life.

First and foremost, reduce the level of stress in your life. For our body and mind are so closely related that stress often leads to irreparable loss to the body. Allocate one hour of the day to an activity that makes you happy. It could be music, exercise, reading, painting or just being with friends. The objective is to relax your mind.

2. Indulge in physical activity

Research in cancer proves that the disease is more common in people who are physically not very active. Ensure that you indulge in physical exercise regularly. Yoga, aerobics, dance, walk, jog, cycling or sports the objective is to make your body work. 30-45 minutes a day and five times a week can ensure an active and a healthy body. It is important to understand that there is a deep connection between the mind, body and disease.

3. Do not shirk from regular checkups and screenings

It is very important to opt for regular checkups and screenings while indulging in self checks. Women approaching menopause or who have crossed menopause should not avoid their regular check up. Men should be observant towards symptoms of prostrate problems. As they say a stitch in time saves nine!!

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4. Watch what you eat

It is important to be watchful of one’s complete diet. Frozen, packaged and foods with preservative should be avoided and substituted with fresh foods. It is equally important that 70% of your platter be vegetarian and in that too a major portion should be cruciferous greens. Wash your food thoroughly to run out any chemicals that may have been used.

CiggiWatch the amount and kind of fat that you eat. Prefer to steam your food, than cooking it in the barbecue or frying it. Limit your level of alcohol and stay away from tobacco in all forms.

5. Avoid Plastics

The worst thing about plastics is that they are present everywhere and the best thing is making a choice to avoid them is in your hands!! There are chemicals present in the product that are known to have cancer causing agents. Constituents like bisphenol A (BPA), used for making rigid plastics is known to act as a synthetic estrogen and a result it has hormone disrupting properties. It is also known to have effects on development of the brain in the womb.  We can very easily avoid the use of plastic containers, utensils and bottles.

What we have discussed above are simple points and probably you are already aware of them. These tips can go a long way in offering protection from this life threatening disease. Some changes in your lifestyle can substantially improve your comparative placing against disease.