Message from Dr Bock, USA

I would like to congratulate CFC for their initiative against cancer. This really is spreading its tentacles globally and specifically breast cancer is pretty common among st women which I suppose is the case in India also.

I remember it is only about a year when I congratulated  you people for this initiative. It is nice to know that within this short span they have managed to associate with many experienced medicos and respected citizens and formed a society which is spearheading the cause of spreading awareness against cancer.

Its a pleasure to be associated with you people and would like to take it further in the coming times.


Dr Randall S Bock

Dr Randall S Bock

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Keep up the good work

Dr Randall S Bock (M.D.)

Revere Medical Center,  Massachusetts

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  • Dr Randall Bock (MD) is the owner of Medical Treatment Center of Revere and has spent years helping patients overcome additions and in detoxification thus serving a great social cause as well.