Changes In Breast That Should Not Go Unnoticed

We have decided that we will try to discuss most of the points on breast cancer. The breast cancer is one that gives early signs as a result it is easier to track it and treat it. We will now discuss the changes in breast that should not go unnoticed.

Self Examination For Breast Cancer: Dont Ignore Changes

Changes in the breast can be visible if you are a little careful and do proper self checks. If the cancer is detected at the earliest stage it can be treated easily. The more delay you do in detection the higher are the chances of the breast cancer spreading to the other parts of the body. When the breast cancer is in the advanced stage curing the same can be a real challenge.

So if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones then do keep these points in mind:

  1. You can develop breast cancer as early as mid thirties
  2. You can get breast cancer even if you do not have a family history
  3. We still do not know why the breast cancer occurs so precaution is the best policy in breast cancer.
  4. If you have a family history of breast cancer you stand a higher chance of getting the disease so you need to be extra careful.
  5. The breast cancer can also happen to men. It is rare but it does happen.
  6. Try to read and be more aware of the breast cancer. Knowledge can help you fight better.
  7. There are breast cancers screenings available across the world just get you screened at least once to twice a year.
  8. If you feel any changes in your breast or underarms then do consult the doctor at the earliest. The faster you detect the breast cancer the better you will be able to fight the disease.
  9. Having breast cancer does not mean that your life has ended. You can get back to your normal life just that you have to be positive and brave.
  10. There are many treatments available for the breast cancer. Don’t ever feel embarrassed to discuss about the breast cancer with others. The more you discuss the better you will be able to deal with the problem.

Changes in Breast that should not go unnoticed are as follows:

  1. A sudden change in the size of the breast
  2. If you feel a lump on  any part of the breast or the under arm
  3. A rash or a redness in the skin on the breast
  4. A strange discharge from the nipples (it can be from one or both)
  5. A sudden pain in the breast that does not go for a long time. The pain can be in the underarms too.
  6. A swelling in your underarms
  7. If the skin of the breast starts to change and starts puckering (becomes like the skin of an orange)
  8. The nipple becoming inverted
  9. Pulling at the nipple or the other parts of the breast
  10. An itchy rash on the nipple
  11. The nipple becoming tender
  12. A sudden shrinking of the breast especially if it is one of the breasts.

NB: We intend to create the above checklist in the form of a pdf document which you can print out and put in your living room to remind you to do these checks at least monthly if not daily.

You may get some of these symptoms or just a few of them. We are not saying that these changes in breast mean breast cancer alone. Well it can mean that there is some other problem with the breasts. These signs are even more serious indicators of something being wrong if you get them after menopause.

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Do meet your doctor at the earliest and get yourself checked. The doctor will tell you the tests that you need to do in order to ensure what the problem actually is. Get the tests done and when you get the reports do consult the doctors again. On checking the reports the doctor may tell you what exactly you need to do in order to ensure that the problem is treated completely.

Be Safe Than Be Sorry

These symptoms may be signs of early stages of breast cancer. Just ensure that you keep doing regular self checks. Only when you do regular checks will you be able to make out the sudden changes in the breasts. This will help you to take the required steps in order to ensure that you are on the right track. An early detection in breast cancer can save you a lot of pain and problems.

It also makes the treatment much less expensive. These changes in breast that we have mentioned should not go unnoticed at any cost. No matter how busy you are any one of these signs please consult a doctor. The age of developing the breast cancer has come down to mid thirties. The reasons are not sure.

However, you must try the self checks from early thirties itself. You can also use a mirror to do the self checks. This will help you to see the changes better. We hope that this article on changes in breast that should not go unnoticed was informative to our readers. Lets fight breast cancer together!

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