Life after Detection – Then and Now

Managing changes that cancer brings

The moment the word ‘Cancer’ steps in your life be ready for a whole lot of changes. It is best to approach the disease, the treatment and the consequent changes in a positive manner. It is the attitude of the person diagnosed and undergoing treatment  that determines how easy or difficult these changes will prove. In this article we discuss just some of these changes that a patient should be ready for.

Cancer is a dreaded disease. The treatment is undoubtedly tough and does not allow you to follow a normal routine. The pain that a patient experiences andYoung cancer patient sketching her hair on the mirror its impact on a patient’s life is completely dependent on the will power of the person. People with great will power are excellent survivors. Preparing oneself mentally for the changes makes adapting to them much easier.  Let us look at some of the changes to expect.

Cancer treatment prompts a change in lifestyle

The first change will be in your lifestyle. If you are an extremely busy person you will feel the change even more. You will be told to take more rest and not to stress yourself. If the cancer is in the early stages and you follow the instructions of the doctors you will definitely be able to get back to a normal life faster. Follow the instructions regarding rest, diet and precautions. Avail the opportunity of rest. A little rest will do you no harm rather will help you at this stage. Patient’s with a positive mind set look at this as a chance to relax and unwind.

Cancer prompts fear and depression

Fear and depression should not scare you. The chances of patient’s feeling that they will not survive cancer can get them more depressed. Once again a strong will power and a positive mind set will come to play a major role in recovery and dealing with negative emotions like fear and depression. As a family member of the person suffering you must assure the person that he or she will definitely recover and live a long life. You must ensure that you stay happy. The study proves that those who are happy and positive during cancer have a high chance of survival. In case need be the patient and his caregivers can also opt for counseling in this regard.

Understand your energy levels

It is important to understand that the person suffering from cancer may get tired very soon as a result he or she may not be able to live a very active social life. If you were into partying, drinking and smoking on a regular basis cancer can really change your life. You will not be allowed to party or drink and smoke during the cancer medication. Excessive drinking and smoking enhances makes you vulnerable to cancer. Perhaps you should not look at it in a negative way. You should feel that cancer has given you a chance to live a healthy and a better life. You must try to build a new hobby or a passion that is healthy and gives you a meaning to live. You may take to writing or painting. Smoking and drinking is not a good lifestyle so why not leave it for good!!

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Eat healthy and feel better

When you get cancer your food intake is restricted. The doctors will advise you on what you should eat and what not. This can be a big change in life after detection. If you are a person who loves his or her food once again it may not make you happy. To manage the side effects of therapy it is best to resort to simple food that is cooked with very little oil, spices is easy to digest and nutritionally packed. Many find it the most difficult change. Well again it is just for some time and as soon as you recover you can get back to your indulgences once your treatment is over.

Sympathy may not be what you are looking forward to

The chances of a cancer patient having a to cope up with sympathetic looks and comments from people can be irritating and difficult to handle. However, have peace of mind and try to be polite to all who come to meet you. Talking to people can actually cheer you up and make you feel positive. This will also give you a good break from your regular routine life though people who don’t like sympathy can find this experience very annoying.

It is best to be prepared mentally for these changes. You may not be able to continue with an active lifestyle, but remember, it is only for a short period of time. Approaching and accepting the changes with a positive mindset will help you deal with them better and heal better.

Don’t let life go!!

Work to be happy!!

Rabbi Elchonon Tauber