Yoga Asanas for Breast Cancer Survivors – I

Cancer is a life changing experience. Suddenly your priorities, your commitments change, the way you look at the world, yourself and your relationships change. This has been the case with me also. One … [Read more...]

Celebrate your Survivorship

Honestly speaking I hate to start the word Cancer with a capitalized 'C' but language rules do not accept this. There are places where it cannot be avoided or manipulated.┬áCancer is a life changing … [Read more...]

Suggestions for Boosting Body Image

Cancer is one such disease that does not come alone and is rather accompanied with quite a few issues. The disease and its treatment can prove physically, mentally, financially and emotionally … [Read more...]

Common Myths About Breast Cancer

Whenever a condition or a disease is dreaded, it is bound to have many wrong beliefs associated with it. There are many common myths associated with breast cancer also, which are quite prevalent in … [Read more...]

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle After Treatment

Once the cancer treatment is over the new challenge that one may face is to maintain a healthy lifestyle post the treatment. In the absence of post treatment care, there could be chances of … [Read more...]