Maternal Cancer Could Be Detected During Prenatal Testing

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Pancreatic Cancer – Overview

I am sure all around the world everyone would have loved to hear and read that ‘Steve Jobs battled pancreatic cancer  successfully!!’ But as destiny would have it! Though he was suffering from … [Read more...]

Does the presence of chlorine in drinking water pronounce cancer?

City municipalities the world over add chlorine to water being used for human consumption with the objective of ridding the same from microbes. The truth is that the disinfectant though inexpensive … [Read more...]

Lymphedema – Yoga to ease symptoms of water retention

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Lymphedema – Overview

I am going crazy noticing the ankles of people around me. I tend to even notice the feet of strangers. What am I trying to see? Well I am trying to see if they have swelling around their ankles!  My … [Read more...]