Battle for Tobacco Control – India (Part 3)

In this article an attempt has been made to discuss the rules framed under Tobacco Control Legislation Act of 2003. It discusses in detail what is a public place, specific rules relating to … [Read more...]

Battle for Tobacco Control – India (Part 2)

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Battle for Tobacco Control – India (Part 1)

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Appeal For Help: Krishna @ CMC

If you want to see what is courage just see these eyes Which are full of life and in which hope never dies Even the deadliest enemy of man couldnt dampen his spirit to live We can only salute … [Read more...]

Can Fight Cancer Support Group

I had written about the beginnings of our Cancer Support Group in a previous article, and now would like to continue to talk a bit more the same. Talking about the 4th of February when the group was … [Read more...]