Dealing With Early Menopause Post Cancer Treatment

We have discussed in our previous articles that one of the side effects of cancer treatment is early or premature menopause. It can be very painful to get menopause really early. It can also show some affects of the body and health of the women. We will now discuss how you can deal with these problems with some simple exercises.

The Psychological Aspect

The first point that you must remember is that you can do it. You just need to be positive and you have to be strong. If you become weak you will not be able to deal with the problem. It is a common problem that many people with cancer face and deal with. You are not the only person facing this.

The second point that we would like to mention here is that many women do not want to discuss about this problem with others. This is not a solution at all. You must discuss with others the problem that you are facing. The others may be able to suggest you ways to deal with the problem. Keeping the problem to you will only increase your frustration and not get you the results that you are looking at.

The third point that we would like to mention here is that doctors know how to deal with this problem. You must discuss about it with your doctors.

Dont Wait for Early Menopause

Some women do not understand when they should discuss these concerns. You cannot wait till the premature menopause occurs to consult the doctor but you must do it much in advance.  As soon as the treatment of cancer is done with you must ask your doctor what are your chances of getting an early menopause. The doctor will be able to advice the best. You can also ask the doctor what you can do in order to ensure that the menopause is delayed as much as possible. Then you can ask about the exercise to deal with menopause in case of young women cancer survivors. When you have this complete discussion with your doctor you will be in a much better position to understand what you can expect and how you can deal with the same.

Post Cancer Treatment Phase

It has been proved that women who are more active post the cancer treatments do not develop the cancer all over again. The studies also prove that exercise can reduce the chances of premature menopause. It can also help women to deal with menopause much better.

When you are into physical activity it reduces stress and it help you to live a better life mentally and physically. This is why women who exercise regularly do have a better ability to deal with menopause than other women. You can try yoga and meditation. Slowly you can move on to brisk walking and light exercises. As your stamina improves you can also try jogging. If you are a sports person then you can enjoy a game that you always liked to play. This can reduce your stress and make you feel happy.

Some women say that paying with children is a good exercise for them and it also acts like a distressing agent. What we are trying to say is be physically active as much as you can. Go shopping, walk to the ATM and try to use your car as less as possible. When you are physically active you will get a better sleep you and you will feel a lot younger. Soon after the cancer treatment you will naturally feel very weak. This is exactly why you must not hurry with the exercise. You must wait and take your time before you are into a strict exercise or workout schedule. Women who exercise or are more active  than their counter parts can deal with the problem of premature menopause better.

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Preventing Premature Menopause

Preventing Premature Menopause

Make a Schedule

You must do the exercises as advised by the doctor. Start with ten to fifteen minutes of physical activity and slowly increase the time of the exercise. The time that you exercise should be comfortable. You must follow a routine with exercise. If you are exercising in the morning then you must continue to do so. Do not move your schedule of exercise from morning to the evening and back again to the morning. The time you exercise for must only be increased and not decreased. If you feel any discomfort as you are exercising you must stop immediately. Never ever over stress yourself. If you are trying meditation and yoga look at a peaceful location where you can concentrate better.

Weight Gain with Menopause

With menopause there will be a tendency to put on weight and this is natural. You must not go to a strict diet as that will make your body weak. Try to eat healthy so that you have enough energy to exercise. Losing weight by reducing food intake will never help you. Infact as we discussed earlier, another aspect of this problem could be weight loss instead of weight gain after cancer treatment

Menopause and Depression

Another common problem with premature menopause is depression. Many women say that they are so depressed by the developments that they do not feel like exercising at all. Please do not get so terrible depressed. It is a natural process and there is no way we can stop it from happening. Menopause is a reality and we have to learn to accept it. It is true that cancer treatments can only increase the chance of menopause by a few years but it is also true that menopause is inevitable and you have to deal with it.

If you exercise as you are getting menopause you will be able to deal with it much better. You will show less physical and mental problems and you will definitely live a much healthier life. So please do not get depressed and continue to do the exercise. If you feel that depression is really affecting you then you can try meditation that will make you feel much better.  You can look at some activities that involve physical activity and also make you happy. Perhaps you can start gardening. Clean the house a little every day. Take your dog for a walk. If you have children in the house take them to the park or take them out on a pram. These will reduce your depression to a great extent.

We hope that these simple tips on exercise to deal with menopause in case of young women cancer survivors will help our readers to deal with the problem better. Depending on the stage of the cancer you are advised a treatment. The level of the treatment is the solely responsible for the affects that it will have on your body. This is exactly why you must ensure that you do your best to keep yourself aware and take the necessary steps to deal with the menopause in case of young women cancer survivors. It is possible and many women have done it. Just that you need to be a little determined and focused to achieve this.

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