Enzyme Therapy And Treatment For Cancer

Before talking about enzyme therapy for cancer, let us discuss something briefly about the disease. The common man may not know it as malignant neoplasm but despite all kinds of medical advancements, cancer can still cause a great deal of stress and even fear in individuals. This disease is characterized by a lot of complex aspects.

Some of these complex aspects are:

  • Cancer can take on more than 200 “variations”
  • This disease can be caused by a number of reasons and medical science has still not understood all these reasons fully
  • Treatments for cancer are many and medical science is able to take care of quite a few types of cancer if detected early and
  • Management of cancer can be done with a combination of surgery, radiation and even alternative treatments such as enzyme therapy and so on, depending on the type and stage of cancer.

Treatment Options For Cancer

According to conventional medical science, the primary ways of managing cancer include:

  • Surgery,
  • Radiation,
  • Chemotherapy,
  • Palliative care at different levels.

All of them prove to be pretty effective when it comes to treating cancer. Of course, we are not getting into the real specifics in terms of different types of cancer and the stages of advancement. Broadly speaking, all the above treatment options have been deployed rather effectively by medical centers all over the world.

Enzyme Therapy For Cancer

Enzyme Therapy For Cancer

Alternative treatments have also come to the fore and many CAM or complementary and alternative medicine streams are promising some kind of support and even treatment for cancer. One such treatment option is enzyme therapy for cancer.

What is enzyme therapy for cancer?

Enzymes as you know are natural proteins. These enzymes go a long way in helping the body perform its various biological processes. Enzymes help with processes such as digestion and other metabolic processes necessary for the sustenance of life.

As far as enzyme therapy and cancer is concerned, there is huge history to enzyme replacement therapy. Way back in 1964, Christian de Duve introduced enzyme replacement therapy which involved replacing a particular enzyme in an individual who was deficient in the same.

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Enzyme therapy in the treatment of cancer can be traced back to the year 1906 when Dr.John Beard stated that the body fights against cancer mainly with the help of pancreatic proteolytic digestive enzymes and by replacing these enzymes, the individual can fight a stronger battle against cancer.

How does the treatment work?

Enzyme therapy entails the individual to take enzyme supplements. This is considered as an alternative and a natural form of cancer treatment. Since enzymes are naturally found in the human body, an individual can take enzyme supplements such as pancreatic enzymes. These supplements help in enhancing the immunity system.  Such enzyme supplements can be extracted from either plant origins or from animal organs.

According to Dr.Nicholas Gonzalez who practices in New York City, pancreatic enzymes have significant cancer fighting features properties. It is also important for the patient to follow a holistic system when it comes to using enzyme therapy for fighting cancer which includes:

  • Healthy diet
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Detoxification and
  • Good lifestyle

Normally, enzyme therapy is administered orally via pills. The dosage will largely depend on the individual’s condition. Aspects such as the degree of advancement of cancer and the lifestyle of the patient will come into play. Typically however, a patient may have to take up to 60 enzyme pills every day.

Studies on enzyme therapy for cancer

It is fairly straightforward to suggest that enzyme therapy has benefited plenty of cancer patients. According to Dr.Gonzalez, the results have been pretty encouraging. In a very small pilot study, there was a high survival rate.

A report on the study was published in the 1999 issue of Nutrition and Cancer stated that patients who underwent enzyme therapy for cancer showed a higher survival rate than people treated with conventional therapies. Another study is looking at the effect of the addition of enzyme therapy to conventional chemotherapy.

Enzyme therapy and the treatment of cancer is something that can easily be considered as having a positive future. However, for those of us who seek out more clinical studies and statistics, we may have to wait for just a bit longer. In the fight for cancer, using natural and alternative treatment options such as enzymes can indeed go a long way.

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