The Goal of Cancer Treatment Plan

A lot of research has taken place for early detection and treatment of cancer and especially breast cancer. Whereas our lifestyle has contributed towards an increasing incidence of breast cancer, targeted research has resulted in improving the survival rate for people of all ages and races.

Just as in the case of other ailments the goal of cancer treatment plan is to rid the body of the cancer, followed by preventing recurrence. Treatment for breast cancer is a combination of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. All therapies are designed to rid the breast area of cancerous cells and any small amount of these cells that might have traveled to other parts of the body.

Cancer Treatment Plan

Remember, that your treatment plan would be decided depending on the medical condition and personal choices. Your breast cancer treatment plan will be tailored depending on the

  • The type of cancer;
  • Stage of cancer;
  • Other medical issues and
  • Personal preferences and lifestyle of the patient.

Treatment for breast cancer is received in two forms – local therapy and adjuvant therapy

Local Therapy  

Local therapy concentrates on removing the cancer cells from the local area like the breast, chest wall, lymph nodes and the armpit. The aim of this therapy is removal of all tissue that is cancerous and prevent recurrence in that area. Surgery and radiation are forms of local therapies.

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Adjuvant Therapy

The aim of adjuvant therapy is rid the body of cancer cells that may have moved out of the local area and spread from the breast to other parts of the body. Adjuvant therapy includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other targeted therapies. These therapies are offered through IV or as pills. The aim of adjuvant therapy is to rid the body of any cancerous cells that may have spread.

The cancer treatment plan that your doctor will draw out for you depends on a number of factors as discussed above. It is important that the treatment be adhered to it be completed. Going through the treatment plan increases your chances of survival. Adhering to the treatment can be tough but there are methods that can be adopted for making the whole thing easier.


It is important that you talk to your health care providers. Make sure to discuss your circumstances, apprehensions, fears, doubts while drawing out your treatment plan. Follow up with your health care provider frequently through the treatment in order to discuss the side effects and any change of conditions. Trust them they are professionals and will be able to help you to complete the treatment plan.

Adherence can be especially tough in case of long term treatment plans as in the case of hormone therapy. What you need to do here is plan in order to ensure and devise a way, a method to ensure that you do not miss with the daily medicine. Some of the suggestions could be to arrange a medical box, schedule an alarm in your phone, fix the time of medicine with a meal.

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