Lymphedema – Overview

I am going crazy noticing the ankles of people around me. I tend to even notice the feet of strangers. What am I trying to see? Well I am trying to see if they have swelling around their ankles!  My … [Read more...]

Leukemia – Overview

Leukemia is a term used for describing a group of cancers of the blood stem cells. Usually starting in the bone marrow, they often result in high level of white blood cells. The article provides a … [Read more...]

World Cancer Day 4 Feb 2015

Can Fight Cancer celebrates the World Cancer Day 2015 in a spirit of fearlessness, bravery and optimism. A few lines dedicated to the brave survivors, patients and their families.... The life of a … [Read more...]

CFC Souvenir & Gear For Sale

Dear friends We would once again like to thank you for the immense response that we received for the Walkathon 2014. We are pleased to announce that even if you missed the opportunity to join us in … [Read more...]

Anti Cancer Diet Pack: Ebook

[real3dflipbook id="1"] … [Read more...]