An Inspirational Memoir From Experience

In this breast cancer awareness month I wanted to write something special for inspiration to others facing such a situation and what better could be done that trying to pen down my emotions during that difficult phase in a few lines. I have also written about my experience earlier, apart from an ebook on anti cancer diet, but this is an attempt to write it in a bit of poetic fashion, though I am not sure how much I succeeded.

In a life very cool, normal and routine

There was suddenly some reason never before seen

That shifted my world the other way round

It seemed there was no way neither any ground

The days were dark and were full of despair

Neither any spark in life nor any flare

Life seemed literally on a standstill

Every single small step seemed like uphill

I didn’t know what to do and where to go

I was given such a heavy blow

But then I remembered I am fighter

I must surely try and days will become brighter

I knew it was not going to be easy

As the winds of circumstances were hot, humid and breezy

But something within told me never to lose hope

The universal forces of nature will surely help me to cope

After all not everything is possible by a human so frail

Yet unflinching willpower can leave behind a success trail

So ON I went with my newly found determination

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Never would I resign to fate and offer myself for such a termination

It was not a journey like heard before or any other

Still I was sure I would succeed with help of nature or call it Divine Mother

The clouds of doubt and despair finally began to fade

A new life was instilled and I was Ace again not anymore a spade

The journey of life become wonderful once more

I never imagined such happiness was in store

The long silent path finally gave way to new horizons and frontier

So now when I have passed through all this, I decided to become a volunteer

In the struggle against cancer anywhere in any corner of the earth

Let us give rise to new hope and new faith be given birth

Some ordeals teach you much more than your easy times

And the pains you have gone through become the reason for your chimes

I am greatful to the Almighty to have given me the power to endure

And I want to give back something to society with intentions most pure

All is ask if your moral support and boost in this campaign

So that in future only in history books does this cancer remain

NB: I must also say that though I have not mentioned in the poem and it seems from my individual perspective, the support that I got from my family, my life partner, friends and all well wishers was vital in this battle, without which I do not imagine seeing myself as coming out unscathed and victorious and of course above all the Grace of the Powers that Be whether you call it Almighty, Nature or any other name.

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  • meetunayyar
  • A lawyer by profession, social worker and a fighter against cancer