Applesauce – Nutritious Diet During Cancer Treatment & Even Otherwise

Nutrition is a very important aspect of cancer treatment. Dietary changes enhance chances of recovery. Nutrition is the first step that a patient takes towards his recovery.  In this article we share the recipe of apple sauce. Constipation, mouth ulcers don’t let anything stop you from enjoying a nutritious diet during treatment. Pack your meal with the goodness of apples! Make your meals an anti cancer meal!!

Yummy Applesauce

Yummy Applesauce

Apples promise a multitude of health benefits. Pectin fiber present in apples is a soluble and promises a long list of health benefits. Apples are a known source of vitamin C and phytonutrients. Apples are known to prevent lung cancer and slow the growth of tumors in the breasts. How about changing the form of apple in order to make it even yummier and easier to eat? Just by following a few easy steps you can convert your nutritious apples to an applesauce that can be relished as a snack, as a dip, with yogurt, with vanilla ice-cream, in a sandwich and even some plain tea cake.

There could be instances when chewing an apple may also prove a little a little difficult or one may just not feel like eating. In addition to the above mentioned benefits for everyone, applesauce can help find relief from constipation during cancer treatment. The soft puree like texture is easy to swallow even if the mouth is full of ulcers. Another advantage with applesauce is that sweetness can be arranged as per the liking of the patient. It could be made completely sugar free or with a sugar substitute or even some brown sugar. Cinnamon itself being packed with benefits goes well with the taste of apples.

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  • Apples: 1 dozen (Green or Red)
  • Sugar/No-Calorie Sweetener: 1 cup (optional)
  • Cinnamon: 1 tablespoon (ground or coarsely crushed)
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Water: 1 cup
  • Lemon Juice: 2 teaspoons.


  1. Peel and core the apples. Cut them into large chunks.
  2. Place a heavy pot on the stove and add the apple chunks and water.
  3. Cover with a heavy lid and cook over medium heat.
  4. The quantity of sugar will vary according to the taste that one would prefer, and the sweetness of apples being used. Add the sugar/no calorie sweetener. If adding sugar it could be just white, just brown or a mixture of both. You could completely avoid sugar or any sweetener.
  5. Within a few minutes, the water will begin to simmer and steam up. This will make the apple chunks to soften and release the water. Cooking time will vary according to the variety of apples being used.
  6. You will need to stir frequently as the apple chunks tend to stick to the bottom of the pan. After the apple chunks soften cook for 20 minutes or so.
  7. You can also pass the mixture through a food mill; puree it in a food processor followed by passing it through a strainer.

Applesauce can be relished hot or refrigerated. You can also freeze it to be used later. Prunes can also be added to the sauce while cooking for increasing the benefits and the taste. Home cooked applesauce allows avoiding consumption of preservatives. Relish a promise of nutrition and good health with apples. Enjoy !!

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